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Ultimate Sales Training – LES

Be Savvy

Nikki-Rausch-Sales-Trainer-coach-small-business-sales-team-coaching-new-business-attract-customers Be Confident, Credible & Compelling
Sell More & Make More

5 Week Tele Class Every Monday morning
9:00 – 10:30 a.m. PST
April 13 – May 11

Join entrepreneurs from all over the globe in a variety of businesses as you learn together. You’ll also receive access to other Sales Maven recordings with hot tips on how to ignite your sales, improve customer loyalty, and even how to get referrals and positive reviews. Plus, other bonuses! (see below for full list)

“My communication skills have rapidly improved, and my knowledge of my customer/client needs have significantly improved from working with Nikki.” – Lesa Say
Total course value is $3,500 but sign up using this link and you’ll get access for just $497.


What I love about Nikki’s Unique Training Format

The first hour of class is live training by Nikki, last 1/2 hour is open Q & A and live coaching

Who is this class for?

People that:

  • are ready to make more sales right away
  • watch their income grow while sharing their passion about their product/service
  • don’t want to a “pushy salesperson”
  • want to connect in an authentic way with prospective clients
  • wonder why the prospective clients say they will buy and don’t
  • no longer want to feel the fear being rejected and are hesitant to ask for a sale

How will this class increase my sales?

You will learn:

  • how to be compelling so people buy from you
  • simple yet powerful ways to build rapport quickly with prospective clients
  • to throw out scripts and have authentic conversations with prospective clients to strengthen the relationship
  • how to overcome objections while keeping your cool and putting your customer at ease
  • to recognize buying signals so you don’t leave money on the table
  • what to do when a prospective client says “no”

What will be covered in the 5 weeks?

Training Topics include:

Week 1: The Key To Closing More Sales (value $500)

  • the key #1 simple and savvy secret to selling moreGolden Key Puzzle
  • how to connect and sell to every type of client
  • increase your likability and credibly without saying a word


Week 2: The Power Of The First Impression (value $500)

  • people judge you in the first 10 seconds – set yourself up for more accurate judgements
  • the #1 way you make a PERFECT first impression
  • how to be approachable and credible

Week 3: The Client Criteria – What Matters Most (value $500)

  • 3 questions you should be asking prospective clientsQuestion Direction
  • using savvy language to move clients into action
  • effective presentations to close more business


Week 4: The Close: Asking For The Sale (value $500)

  • learn 15 key buying signals
  • uncover and overcome objection with this 1 simple question
  • avoid the #1 common mistake that costs you sales

Week 5: The “No” & Getting Past It (value $500)

  • why people say “no” & how to increase clients saying “yes”Yes, No, Maybe
  • how to move past a “no” and stay motivated
  • 2 Savvy steps to set yourself up for future business and referrals even when a client says “no”


Access to Private Facebook Group (value $500)
Have exclusive access to the Private Facebook Group so you and the other Savvy Classmates can share your successes, ideas and get support direct from Nikki.

You’ll also receive PDF workbooks, call recordings, and how-to’s along with

Get it all today for $497 (Total Package Value $3500)


What People Are Saying About This Training:

“Whether you are just beginning a career in sales or if you’ve been doing sales for years, I would highly recommend Nikki’s Rising Sales class. Nikki and this class have made a huge difference for me and the way I do business.” ~ Jami, Insurance

“Starting a new business can be a scary process with so many twist and turns. Working with Nikki has made this process less intimidating and more enjoyable. The topics covered during her sales training was exactly what I needed ranging from effective networking techniques, presenting your offering to clients and most important watching for those buying signals.” ~ Charlotte, Business Consultant

“You have to take this class!  It’s a must for anyone working with customers or clients.  The tools are invaluable and I find myself going back to my notes over and over.” ~ Kathleen, Owner of Eastside Wellness Center

“This class helped me to be present, authentic and a resource to potential clients. I received excellent feedback, requests for consultations as well as offers to present in front of other groups as a result of applying what I learned from Nikki.” ~ Giselle, Stylist

“I am not new to sales and I questioned whether taking Nikki’s Sales Classes would really benefit me.  After 2 weeks, I knew I had made a great decision. Her gentle way of showing and explaining the importance not only what you say, but HOW you say it is invaluable to me. Her class is full of good content and not a lot of fluff. Plus, good discussions on how to apply what you have learned. An added bonus is the calls are recorded so you can go back and review.  From people new in sales or seasoned sales people this class is a win win.” ~ Lynda, Direct Sales

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