Price Setting: 2 Tips For Successful Pricing

price setting


Price Setting: When’s the last time you wondered if you should raise your price? Maybe you charge by the hour and find this to be a difficult way to make money long term.

A common discussion with my clients revolves around pricing; how it was set, is it enough, and when to raise their prices. It’s not the easiest or most comfortable of topics. However, you should feel empowered to charge your worth and these 2 tips will get you well on your way.

In this week’s video, you’ll learn 2 tips for setting your pricing.


Price Setting Tips:


Please keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with an hourly rate as long as you’re taking into account the experience you’re bringing to your clients. Be sure to know your worth and set your prices there.

More On Price Setting:

If you’re looking for even more information on setting your prices or price strategies, I’d urge you to take a listen to the Sales Maven podcast episode, Pricing Strategy: Charging For Your Expertise Not Your Time. In this episode, we dig deeper into the strategies of pricing so you can feel confident in your prices. This is the only way to earn what you deserve.



Wishing you continued success this week.


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price setting

price setting

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