Sales Maven Approach

By combining my relationship selling skills with my NLP training, I began offering mentoring to a select few that were interested to know how I do what I do to be successful. It was through that process that the idea for Sales Maven emerged.

Today, I take my 20 years of sales experience combined with my 8 years and over 1200 hours of NLP training and put together programs and trainings that are easy for business owners to implement. Sometimes the slightest tweak to the words you use, how you say it and what you do with your body language can make the difference between earning someone’s business and convincing them to buy elsewhere.

What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is defined by the Encyclopedia of NLP as a behavioral model, and set of explicit skills and techniques, founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in early 1976. Defined as the study of the structure of subjective experience, NLP studies the pattern or “programming” created by the interaction between the brain (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and the body. From the NLP perspective it is this interaction that produces both effective and ineffective behavior, and is responsible for the processes behind both human excellence and pathology. Many of the skills and techniques of NLP were derived by observing the patterns of excellence in experts from diverse fields of professional communication including: psychotherapy, business, hypnosis, law and education.

How Nikki explains NLP

NLP is the study of communication and modeling excellence. Learning about your own patterns as well as recognizing other people’s patterns allows for flexibility in your own behavior to build rapport, influence and deepen the connection. Being able to ask key questions to elicit the structure of how someone excels in an area of life gives a framework of how we can all excel in that same area.

How Nikki uses NLP in her own life

“I was drawn to NLP initially to strengthen my sales skills. I was already getting great results in my career and I wanted to take my success to the next level. In my first year of studying NLP I was offered a new job and negotiated a 20% pay increase in my income.

What I was learning in my NLP classes was improving all of the relationships in my life, with my clients, my friends, my family and most importantly with my loving partner.

Through the NLP Master Practitioner training, I learned about modeling excellence. Seeking out individuals that excel in certain areas of their lives and asking key questions to begin to understand the pattern of how they do what they do to be successful. It is through one modeling project that I learned how to write a book. I interviewed published authors and began to understand the structure of what they do. I implemented what I learned in the summer of 2013 and wrote my first book.