How To Say No: 3 Simple Ways

how to say no

How to say no … are you good at saying no?

Do you struggle to give a clear no even when that's what you really want to tell someone? Learning how to say no effectively is one of the best things you can do to free up time in your schedule.

Clients often ask me how to say no to someone who's being aggressive or pushy.

Most importantly, I do not believe in rewarding bad behavior. When someone is being pushy or aggressive with you, they are taking advantage. You have every right to push back. When we reward this bully behavior by buying from these people, we are encouraging them to continue to use their inappropriate tactics. I refuse to give my money to people who aren’t respectful of my boundaries. That means when I say no, I don’t tolerate being hassled afterward.

To be clear, I do teach a course in my Sales Maven Society (my membership community where all of my sales training is available) of what to do when a prospect says no and how to set yourself up for future business either from them or from a referral. I also respect people in the moment when they say no and only ask for their business again when they give me another buying signal.

When you encounter a pushy person, it's time to use a more direct no response that leaves no room for negotiation. So, don't sugarcoat it and be direct. You can do this while maintaining your professionalism.

How To Say No: 3 Ways

Here are three ways to say no that will limit people trying to change your mind:

  1. “I appreciate you asking. My answer is no.”
  2. “I’ve already said no. This topic is closed.”
  3. “Please respect my decision. My answer is no.”

Remember to be clear, don’t leave it open for discussion. You can adjust your voice tone to what’s appropriate for the given situation. Sometimes you might be soft and sweet. Other times you might need to be short and direct. You also might need to end the conversation by hanging up the phone or walking away. It's the sales person's job to earn your business, you get to decide when and if they get it.

Wishing you a successful week!



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