3 Ways To Say No & Mean It

ways to say no

Do you find it difficult to tell someone no?

Have you ever told someone no and had them become aggressive or push back because they want you to buy their product/service? Finding ways to say no and mean it can be difficult.

Telling people no can be uncomfortable. Many times people will say things they don’t mean just to end a conversation. Statements like, “I’ll think about it and let you know.” or “I’ll come back and buy before I leave…” They’ll say these things knowing they have no intention of buying because it feels easier than telling the person no.

The problem becomes you’ve now left the door open for the person trying to sell you something to continue to follow-up. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and energy when you know you’re not ever going to buy.

Learning how to say no and keep the rapport intact is something that can be accomplished. However, when someone doesn’t want to take no for an answer, you might want to be ready with a more stern response.

3 Ways To Say No And Mean It

Option 1: “I appreciate you asking. My answer is no.”

Use this response for your first no. Most of the time, this is the only response you’ll need. You can still say this in a kind way and keep the relationship intact.

Option 2: “Please respect my decision. My answer is no.”

Use this response when the person you’ve said no to pushes back and tries to “change your mind.” It's one thing for someone to check to be sure they haven't missed anything but when people continue to push and you have no intention of changing your mind, be firm.

Option 3: “I’ve already said no. This topic is closed.”

Use this response when you’ve had enough and want to be left alone. Please don't reward bad sales behavior and give your business to someone who “refuses” to take no for an answer. When you feel the need to use this response, it's no longer up to you to be kind and keep the relationship intact. The person being aggressive has shown they don't care about the relationship, they only care about the sale.

Clear & Simple

Be ready with a clear and simple no. When you’re not interested or never going to buy from someone don’t string them along. Even if it’s a little uncomfortable to tell them no, you’ll save yourself and them angst in the long-run.

Wishing you a successful week!

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