Are You Asking For What You Want?

asking for what you want

When’s the last time someone asked you a question that made you stop what you were doing and really think about your answer?

You know one of those big questions that you could easily give a standard response to but instead you decided to dig deep within yourself and answer from a truly authentic place.

Last week someone asked me one of these questions. I initially had a surface level response (something I assumed “most” people would say). Before I answered, I caught myself. I cleared my mind of all the distractions and then I pondered the question. My goal was to give the most authentic answer possible.

First, here’s the question: What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in business and what did you learn from it?

Great question, right? How would you answer it?

Here’s my answer: The biggest mistake I’ve made in business is assuming that other people would recognize my potential and automatically offer me additional opportunities. I made this mistake in my corporate career as well as when I started my own business. Once I fully accepted that it’s my job to speak up and ask for what I want, things got so much easier.

Asking For What You Want Continued…

Too many years of my career were spent waiting for my boss or management to offer me my next opportunity. What a colossal waste of time. Instead, we have to take it upon ourselves to either create the opportunity or tell our boss/management that we want the job.

The same is true with your clients – we’ve got to start asking for what we want – to earn their business. All too often we assume that if someone wants to hire us, they’ll reach out. This is rarely the case. Sometimes, people will not decide to do business with you until you invite them.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: Asking For What You Want

Speak up and ask for what you want. Stop waiting for others to recognize your potential. Recognize your own potential and go for what you most want. Start inviting people to work with you.

One of my VIP clients sent this message to me a few weeks back. Learning to invite people to work with her has been a game-changer in her business. Notice what happened when she changed her mindset.


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