Are You The Exception To The Rule?

Many people have a mindset when it comes to sales that is hindering their  success.  Learning to shift your mindset may make the world of difference

When's the last time you convinced yourself that you are the exception to the rule?

And more importantly, when you think of yourself as the exception, is it a positive in your life/business, or is it a negative?

It's almost amusing at this point how many times people explain to me why they are the exception when it comes to selling.  Check out this week's sales tip to determine how telling yourself this story may be hindering your business.



So, Are You The Exception To The Rule?

What might happen when you show up with a new outlook on the selling process? You'll see more potential for one thing. And where you see potential, you'll find growth. Growth in yourself as a business owner and then of course growth in your business. So, start looking for those examples that serve you in your business so that you're able to pick up the phone after being rejected. Or, so you can go back to that room after someone already told you no last time. These are the seeds that will bloom into business.

Thank you for taking the time to watch my sales tip this week. Tune in for more in the weeks to come.

And to learn more from this amazing woman who by sharing this one statement transformed my thinking, click here: Jessica Butts.

Wishing you continued success this week.

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