Ask Questions: How To Do It When You’re Being Talked At

With Brandy Searcy, Rain Organica

How to ask questions when you're being talked at

Nikki's guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Brandy Searcy.

Brandy is a Sales Maven Society member and the creator of the product line Rain Organica. Brandy needs Nikki's support when she is in a situation where she is selling and purchasing. What amount of selling she should do versus asking questions to be sure it is the right fit for her brand. Listen to Nikki's answer on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Nikki suggests Brandy has a set list of questions prepared. She needs the answers to decide if this is the right rep firm to sell her products and be prepared with a small product line presentation with the history and why it's such a unique product line. You don't want to go in desperate for the job, so there should be a 50/50 balance of why your product line is right for them while figuring out if their firm is right for you, and you should interview no less than three to five firms before you decide which firm is right for you.

You should be prepared to ask questions which means having a set list of questions to ask would be a good starting point.

Brandy felt like there was information she needed, but because the salesperson kept talking over her and acting like she had the answers to all the questions before Brandy could ask them, she didn’t get what she needed out of the meeting. She didn’t feel like the salesperson was trying to build any rapport and that her product would be just one of many, which Nikki says should be a red flag.

Brandy says there are so many benefits of being in the Sales Maven Society. In addition to the feedback Nikki provides, the treasure trove of videos and worksheets that are available to society members is enormous, and the community and caliber of members are unprecedented.

Nikki wants to invite you to join her Sales Maven Society. This is an opportunity for you and Nikki to work together, you bring your questions, concerns, sales challenges, and she provides answers and guidance to boost your confidence. Join the Sales Maven Society here, click add to cart, and then checkout and use coupon code: 47trial to get your first month for $47.00!

In This Episode: Ask Questions

[01:02] Welcome to the show, Brandy!

[01:17] Brandy shares her background and the products she created.

[03:00] Then, Brandy talks about her product line and her philosophy around skincare.

[06:15] “If you can make it simple, it's better.”

[07:40] Brandy believes it's all about keeping your skin healthy.

[09:47] Next, Brandy shares why she reached out to Nikki for coaching.

[11:55] Nikki suggests she arrive with a prepared list of questions and product presentation.

[14:14] Nikki says it's like a job interview, and you don't want to go in being desperate for the job.

[15:38] Brandy speaks about having a list of questions, but she didn't feel like they were the right questions.

[16:30] Nikki throws out some questions that she would want to know about the rep firm.

[19:25] Nikki would ask, what is your go-to strategy to get new products out to your existing customers from the relationships you already have?

Ask Questions: How To Do It When You’re Being Talked At Continued…

[22:15] Brandy felt like, during her call, she was seeking information but didn't know how to get it.

[26:13] Nikki wants her to understand when you are in these situations, rapport goes both ways; it's not just your job.

[28:55] Nikki suggests Brandy do the NLP mandala training in the Sales Maven Society training center.

[30:25] If anyone makes you feel like you should be grateful that they will rep your product, it's not a good fit.

[33:07] Brandy believes that communication and sales are not her strong suits.

[35:53] What is one benefit of being in the Sales Maven Society?

[40:03] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[41:00] This week's question is, have you made a decision one way or the other about working together, and would you please let me know your decision?

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