Starting Business Basics

starting business, sales maven, starting business basics

Anything with longevity needs a secure foundation. Businesses especially need this since the world is constantly changing. Are you aware of what foundation your business stands on? For people starting a business and entrepreneurs with years of experience, it’s time to do maintenance on business basics. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here…

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What A Sales Team Needs To Do To Earn Business

sales team, sales maven, sales coach, sales help

You probably have your own stories about poor sales service when someone really misses the mark with you. You become less of a fan for the brand or your curiosity completely fades. Now imagine hiring a sales team that has your audience feel disconnected. Instead, give your audience an awesome experience by prepping your team.…

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How To Have Difficult Conversations

How To Have Difficult Conversations , sales maven, sales coach

The hardest part about difficult conversations: They cannot be avoided. You can try to put them off, then eventually, you reach the final blow where they must be addressed. Prepare your communication to navigate difficult conversations instead of creating more stress for yourself later on. Learn how to have difficult conversations today on the podcast! …

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Strategies To Use Social Media More Effectively

social media strategies

You go to engage with your audience on social media, then suddenly you find yourself still there several memes later. Social media is integrated into how entrepreneurs support their business, which can also lead to distractions. Can you get out of the doom scroll without messing up your marketing strategy? Your very own Sales Maven,…

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How To Maximize Your Email List

maximize your email list

Your email list is like running a cozy neighborhood cafe or helpful community center. Timely resources, community wins, and great deals can all be found here, and your regular customers love seeing what’s new. How can you maximize your email list for more regular business? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to…

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Crafting An SEO Strategy For Your Business

seo strategy

A lot of entrepreneurs look at SEO Strategy as a task list with so much to do and many moving parts. Sure, SEO Strategy has a technical part. However, what’s more important is knowing who you’re targeting and knowing how to speak to your audience in a way that’s helpful to them. Your very own…

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Thought Leadership & Sales

thought leadership in sales

Thought leadership is like sharing another path to a solution or another way to understand a concern. Your unique storytelling and experience gives your audience a new choice. How can you organize your perspective into thought leadership? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your…

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Avoiding This Sales Question Is A Deal Killer

sales question

Can you think of an unspoken rule or open secret you know about? These are often topics that seem taboo to bring up, so people avoid them out of fear. In sales conversations, there’s a sales question that is openly known for its reputation of being “awkward.” You might want a different experience from that.…

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Crafting An Offer That Requires Pre-Work For The Client

Crafting an offer

In being a coach, you help people discover new perspectives and get closer to results. Your clients trust you to provide the solution that fits their situation. What if you need to present a solution a potential client is completely unfamiliar with? How would you go about crafting an offer that requires pre-work for the…

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How to Merge Multiple Passions Into One Business Concept

business concept

We all have something to contribute to the world, and sometimes, that gift comes in multiple forms. Since there are many ways to express your gift, you may feel called to do different passions. What if you knew how to build an ecosystem (one business concept) for all your talents to thrive? Your very own…

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Selling At A Live Event: On-Air Coaching

live event

As an entrepreneur, you’ll come across potential clients who want to take action at that moment. For example, imagine you present to an audience at a live event and potential clients are ready to pay for your value. It’d be a wasted opportunity to not have a plan or offer available. Keep your sales conversations…

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How To Be A Super Connector

super connector

A person who knows “a friend of a friend” never runs out of resources. Are you a super connector? Every connection you build is not only good for others, it’s good for yourself. On top of that, trust deepens in the relationships around you as you consistently make connections. Where does this journey start? Your very…

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Email Marketing: Sales Success Story

email marketing

True business serendipity happens when people meet at the right place at the right time. The magic of serendipity acts on its own, however, you can influence the odds. You can create the right place at the right time through your sales conversations, whether in email marketing or at events. Your very own Sales Maven,…

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How To Be An Effective Negotiator

Effective Negotiator

Negotiation is misunderstood. Why should you be an effective negotiator? As a negotiator, you could be completely focused on whether your prospective client says “Yes” or “No”, how long the negotiation is taking, and if you get exactly what you want from the deal. As an effective negotiator, you start to look at how much…

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How Strategy Informs Your Decision Making

how strategy

Even with the biggest goal, understand that your strategy begins the ripple of impact your ideas create. Strategy is not a rigid regimen or lifeless chore, rather, it’s a daily journey. Building a strategy takes you a step closer towards your decision making and influences the world around you. Do you know what impact you want…

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Questions To Ask Before Communicating A Price Increase

questions to ask before price increase

We made it to that time of year again where entrepreneurs are thinking about increasing their pricing. It’s easy for us to get in our heads about increasing prices and how to communicate new prices to clients. Are you feeling nervous about telling your clients? If you have the answer to these six questions, it…

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How To Have Energetic Sovereignty & Not Take Sales Personally

Energetic Sovereignty

Entrepreneurs experience enmeshment with their business when too much of their energy is tied to results. You might worry that everything will crumble without you, or that you need a specific deal to guarantee your success. Anytime you engage with sales in this way your power is outside of you. How can you bring your…

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How To Deconstruct A Challenge & Create An Action Plan

Create an action plan

What if you could always find a solution to your problems? There will always be unexpected happenings at one point or another, and knowing how to deal with them makes situations less stressful. This skill to create an action plan comes from taking a step back from the problem. You get past challenges by creating…

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Top Down Selling

top down selling

You set the frame for your sales conversations and offers. When you find it difficult to get your higher offers sold, try to adjust your offer frame. How you position your offers matter to your audience. Start presenting your offers with top down selling where clients can focus on the best fit, instead of being…

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Networking Tools: How To Talk To Anyone

networking tools how to talk to anyone

Building relationships is more fun than it might seem at first. Especially when you have the right networking tools.  In society, there’s a burden to force connections and balance social performance. What’s interesting is how that’s far from the reality of effective networking. When you use networking tools to develop your networking skills, you can…

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How To Pre-Qualify Prospect Calls

how to pre qualify prospect calls

You keep receiving new inquiries through prospect calls. People reach out to connect, and you’re at the point where you must save your time for the best connections. It is absolutely okay for you to ask questions upfront to better decide who gets that time. Give yourself permission to pre-qualify prospect calls. Your very own…

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How To Simplify Concepts To Sell More

how to simplify concepts

When you’re relaying information to your team or clients, you need to give yourself time to understand how you want to approach the delivery. People can’t make decisions when overloaded with information. Likewise, information that feels too distant from their own experience doesn’t stick. How you present information can be more important than the information…

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Interview Process Tips To Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

interview process tips, tips when interviewing

As a knowledgeable professional, you know what makes your brand and capabilities different from your competitors. It’s the interviewer who doesn’t quite see what’s unique. You wonder how you can communicate that you’re different and why that actually makes you the best match. What if you had an exact process for the interviewer to discover…

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How To Create Structure To Ensure Success Factors

success factors

You want to take the right action at the right time, and be consistent. This is the easiest way to think of structure, and also the tip of the iceberg. The real question is “How can you do that?” You’ll find that structure to ensure success factors relies on how well you know yourself. Your…

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How To Face Rejection Without It Derailing You

how to face rejection

Failure and rejection is information, like feedback. When you get feedback, the smartest action is to reflect and choose a new path. In fact, rejection is like a GPS. With a GPS, you don’t drive back to your starting point the moment you take a wrong turn. You create a new route from where you…

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How To Boost Creativity & Productivity While Working Less

Creativity productivity

Are you making the best use of your time? Are you able to enhance your creativity and productivity while working LESS? You are accomplished at doing “all the things.” Yet, you look around to realize you’re not doing all the things you actually want. Stop distractions from guiding your life. Instead, intentionally create the best…

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Learning Lessons In Sales From Costco

learning lessons

Is your free content getting you the results you want? As an entrepreneur, you’re always learning lessons and you do your best to serve potential clients a taste of what it’s like working with you. The free content you put out in the marketplace is meant to attract your ideal clients. What you don’t know…

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How To Be An Exceptional Listener To Grow Your Consulting Firm

consulting firm

High achievers are not only skillful at what they do, they have an ability to recognize opportunity. The same idea applies in listening. In conversations, deep listening inspires you to ask engaging questions and prepares you to offer relevant value. If clients feel you are actually listening, they start to build a sense of trust…

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The Law of Receptivity: Mastering Excellence Series


Do you know your underlying beliefs about abundance? Unconscious beliefs are often the reason why there’s resistance to receiving abundance or managing sales conversations. Here’s an empowering thought: Sales isn’t something that you do to somebody. It’s something you do with people. It’s a tipping point of giving and receiving. In other words, it’s all…

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Tracking Lifetime Value Of Customer Offers

Lifetime Value of customer offers

Entrepreneurs pay the most attention to customer offers during launches and campaigns. After the launch or campaign finishes, the offer is deemed a success or failure based on the closing metrics. That’s a straightforward yet limited measurement. Offers are more than just a moment in time for your business. Any offer you make could start…

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How To Use Your Business To Be A Source Of Change

be the change

You hold your own reason to support and empower communities you feel connected with.  To help be the change. Is it your hometown? Is it the school or that teacher who believed in you? Maybe it’s a cause that impacted someone you love? Whichever it may be for you, the commitment is similar. You plan…

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Improvements In Customer Service

improvements in customer service

You may relate to this: Attending events feels exciting, new, and somewhat clumsy. From conferences to festivals, many events are making a comeback after a long marathon of virtual meet ups. People hosting events are thrilled to see their audience, but you can tell that some event details are missing or not fully thought out.…

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How To Sell High-Ticket Offers Through Speaking: Mastering Excellence

how to sell high ticket offers

Emotional attachments and mindset limits distract most entrepreneurs from the actions that will actually move them and their clients forward. They unintentionally micromanage the process. Instead, you can create an offer that brings in massive revenue and remains low-maintenance. Give your clients the chance to take up your high-value, high-ticket offers. Your very own Sales…

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Unique Ways To Use Testimonials To Drive Sales

testimonials to drive sales

While self-promotion is often needed, there are other entrepreneurial ways to increase your brand awareness and brand trust. Think testimonials. Give clients another perspective to reference through testimonials. Even if you may be hesitant to use them,  you should know that testimonials don’t need to feel transactional or scripted. You can merge testimonials into your…

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The Key To Believing In Yourself: Mastering Excellence

the key to believing in yourself, sales maven, sales help

At any time, you can pause to ask yourself: “Where does my focus need to be in this moment?” Asking yourself this question makes you step into the present and consciously decide who you need to be. When you take ownership over your attention, you more confidently believe in your ability to make choices that…

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Ways To Increase Value Then Increase Pricing For Your Group Program

increase pricing

Release yourself from the stress of creating a program that covers everything, including the topics you’re not thrilled about covering. You want to give your clients access to effective expertise, and sometimes that means you rely on content recommendations or referrals that you can trust. Have you ever thought that the recommendation could be a…

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Question Based Selling: Mastering Excellence Series

question based selling, sales maven, sales help

Let’s say a group of people tell you a story of their problem. It’s not the same story each time, but the story’s theme starts to become familiar. What you find is that most people will mention different forms of very similar issues and barriers. In sales, you must uncover the repeated answers of your…

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Common Phrases I Avoid When Selling & Why

common phrases, sales maven, podcast

People often talk without realizing what they’re really saying. What you communicate is more than what you say, it becomes what you’re phrasing tells other people. You need a good grip on your phrasing to connect with your clients. Can you think of words or common phrases you can let go of in your communications?…

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Creating Financial Freedom As An Entrepreneur: Mastering Excellence

financial freedom

Financial freedom can be accessible to all, and how can you take actionable steps towards ownership over your own wealth? An entrepreneurial mindset builds possibility out of what seems unconventional. You dare to have the life you want, realizing that we live in a world built from people betting on their ideas being possible. You…

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Selling Pain Points Isn’t The Only Way To Expand Your Ideal Client Base

pain point

Understanding pain points and exploiting pain points are two different perspectives. Your expertise allows you to notice the interference and limiting patterns that disrupt people from being authentic, and then helps them to uncover and access the solution within themselves. Marketing to your ideal clients can happen without giving them “little paper cuts” as Nikki…

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome In The Selling Process

overcoming the imposter syndrome, sales maven,

Take a moment to really think about the definition of an imposter. An imposter is someone who purposely deceives others for fraudulent gain. If you are an entrepreneur that cares about the service you provide to your clients. So, let’s start here: You are not an imposter. Do you need techniques to help you in…

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Overcoming The Price Objection

price objection

Part of the beauty in being an entrepreneur is making decisions that align with the business you envision. You decide the criteria, the projects, the clients, and the price. Inevitably, price objections will be presented to you, and you will need to decide on how to respond. Are you ready to hear advice on handling…

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Prospecting For Speaking Opportunities: On-Air Coaching Call

speaking opportunities, sales maven

Speaking opportunities allow you and your ideal clients to connect in an inspiring environment. When you’re speaking, you are able to share your insights that resonate strongly with your ideal audience. The question becomes: How can I secure speaking opportunities to connect with the clients that I can be of service to? Your very own…

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What Is The Strategy I Get The Most Pushback On

what is the strategy

In the Sales Maven Society, members help each other out and share ideas. This even means Sales Maven Society members presenting their thoughts and experiences of when strategies taught by Nikki don’t seem to work for their business. What is the strategy that members commonly bring up? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is…

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Mastering Your Productivity: Mastering Excellence Series

Matering productivity

Your business should support your life instead of consuming it. Are you mastering productivity? Most of us want to use our time and energy wisely. Honestly, the concept of being “productive” is what gives us a false sense of purpose. Let’s rethink “productivity” to live our lives with purposeful energy management. Let’s talk about mastering…

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How To Stop Negatively Impacting Your Sales Goals

sales goals

At the base of every sales conversation is your mindset. Is your mindset focused on your sales goals? Mindset determines how you craft your offers, how you deliver your sales conversations, and how you handle objections. Naturally, mindset can influence your sales conversations positively or negatively. How can you tell if you are subconsciously sabotaging…

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Establishing & Maintaining A Positive Reputation: Mastering Excellence

positive reputation

Are you maintaining a positive reputation? One of the most impactful lead generators is referrals. This happens both directly and indirectly. Someone could refer your business to their friend, or they could share a review on social media indirectly referring you to their timeline. Either way, that referral communicates your reputation. We all want a…

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One Way To Significantly Increase Your Success Rate

success rate

Like most things, sales conversations require a balance to increase your success rate. You want to show your expertise, but not drown clients in information. You want to listen to your client’s questions, but not get too far off topic. Take control of your sales conversations in a kind way. Knowing how to guide the…

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Multiple Streams Of Income – Mastering Excellence Series

multiple streams of income

Multiple streams of income doesn’t necessarily mean consistently doing more work. If you think multiple streams of income is about having several jobs, take time to reconsider. In essence, streams of income are meant to be optimized for revenue to flow to you. You want to leverage what already exists to then expand your opportunities.…

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How To Stop Overcommitting & Leaving Clients Disappointed


Over-promising and under-delivering is the last thing you want to do. Doing so is the fastest way to damage your integrity and your relationship with your clients. In reality, your aim should be to under-promise and over-deliver. As imperfect humans, we can’t always hit our aims. An easier aim is to manage a clearly communicated,…

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How Specializing & Niching Your Business Makes You Referable

Niching Your Business

Being everyone to everybody can cause confusion. Your business won’t pop into someone’s mind as the “expert” or “go-to person” if you don’t communicate your specialty. The world needs to understand very concisely what you do and who you do it for. Otherwise, your value may get lost in the surplus of businesses that fail…

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How To Sell More Of Your Profitable Business Offers

profitable business

What is the business offer you want to sell more of? In your head, you may have an idea or two of which offers are most profitable money-wise, but there are more ways to be profitable. Any offer that increases your revenue, enjoyment, or time is profitable. Imagine all you could do if you discovered…

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Luminary Leadership – Mastering Excellence

Luminary leadership, Elizabeth Hartke

Are you sure of your True North? A True North represents the values that keep you in alignment to how you consciously choose to show up in the world. Leaders with a steady True North tend to be grounded in a holistic approach of guiding and decision making, also thought of as Luminary Leadership. Nurture…

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Underutilized Sales Tools To Grow Your Business

sales tools

Sales tools… always use your basics. Mastery is often connected to skillfully applying core principles. That’s if you can remember the core principles. Sometimes we learn so many new methods, and frequently try new strategies, that our foundational skills get ignored. Do you remember the core principles to keep your sales growing? Do you remember…

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Turn Off Auto Pilot: Refocusing Your Sales Strategies


Once you get into a rhythm with your work, falling into auto pilot is easy. Refocusing your sales strategies is key to turning off auto pilot.  You are already so good at what you do that you start allowing the bare minimum to keep the business going. This autopilot can be a real hindrance to…

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Finding Brand Clarity – Mastering Excellence Series

brand clarity

Brand clarity is about taking a holistic view of what your brand represents, and finding where it fits in your life. Too many times, entrepreneurs scramble to get clear on the vision driving their brand. Brand clarity is lacking. Stop the tired loop of not knowing where you’re headed, and get your brand foundation in…

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100 Episodes – Sales Maven Team & Questions For Nikki

100 episodes

You made it! Today marks 100 episodes of going on this tremendous sales journey with Nikki Rausch and the Sales Maven Community. For the 100th episode special, you get to meet three important people who played a huge role in this journey. Join this celebration of 100 episodes with the Sales Maven Team who works…

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Strategies To Boost Sales In The Coming Year

strategies to boost sales

Every year you aim to get better and improve. You improve your workflow, your strategies to boost sales, and your self care management. You’re looking at all the different categories to improve, and you decide you want to upgrade your sales from last year’s performance. Get yourself caught up with insight from today’s conversation on…

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Generate Leads With A Podcast: On-Air Coaching Call

generate leads

Podcasts, blogs, and social media are part of the education stage for introducing your expertise to new leads. When your ideal leads connect with your work, they’ll naturally look for ways to get access to the more insightful, deeper value you give in your more robust offers. You can generate leads with a podcast that…

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High Vibe Energy- Mastering Excellence Series

What does alignment feel like in the body? Fun, playful, and joyful high vibe energy balanced by a feeling of ease. Create a practice to notice when you’re out of alignment, and to also know how to get back into the alignment that gives a high vibe energy. Honestly reflect on what brings you joy,…

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Growing A Six-Figure Business: Sales Success Story

six figure

Growth is held together by a foundation of consistency. Many people know that growth is not a straight line. There are ups, downs, and pivots. Despite that, consistencies like systems allow the overall trend of growth to be upward, and moving towards the next level. Systems are part of the work for growing a six-figure…

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Turning Failures Into Business Opportunities

business opportunities

Failure in business takes a lot of energy to get past, unless you have the mindset to flip the script and turn those failures into business opportunities.  It’s true that most people don’t like failure. What makes the difference is knowing how to turn failure into a future advantage or business opportunities. Failure is information.…

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How To Sell Your Business Team

business team

Do you notice your clients trying to avoid working with your business team? Sometimes, clients resist an offer once they find out that they’ll be working with your business team instead of working with you directly. How can you sell your business team in a way that builds trust and brings excitement? Your very own…

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When Not To Say, “Thanks For Your Patience.”

thanks for your patience

Just because a phrase is common doesn’t necessarily mean it will land the way it’s intended. When you take time to research business techniques, you are going to notice certain ideas repeat themselves. Repeated ideas are usually core principles or approaches that often work well. Following trends is undoubtedly appealing, but can easily go awry.…

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Sales Language: Sales Success Story

sales language

Do you ever feel numb from rejection? Perhaps it’s time to see rejection as a redirection. What if rejection was actually the sign to uncover your own path on your own terms? Do you know how to use your sales language? Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and…

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Creating Curiosity On Social Media: On-Air Coaching Call

creating curiosity

Making changes to your career, and making the final decision to move forward is much easier with guidance.  Instead of jumping to conclusions, one way to gain guidance is by working with a trusted career development coach. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your…

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Cold Calling Done Right: A Sales Success Story

cold calling

Do you have your outreach strategy ready to go? Are you ready to implement your strategy at any time, or is the strategy a reactive process? Learn more about cold calling authentically and effectively. Often, entrepreneurs wait for a shift in business to pivot or prepare a strategy. Having strategies ready-to-go is a sign that…

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How To Reach Your Ideal Client: On-Air Coaching Call

ideal client

Connecting with an ideal client is about meeting the client at the right point. Whether connecting through a mutual contact, an event, or direct outreach, entrepreneurs can find the most positive result from understanding the dynamic of how the connection with an ideal client takes place. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here…

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Monetizing Your Superpower: Mastering Excellence Series


Are you monetizing your superpower in your business? You hold a service superpower, whether you’re aware of the skill or not. In fact, your unique superpower often lives in your unconscious competence. Once the skill is delivered to match client needs, a range of business opportunities open. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is…

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Does Size Matter – Email List Size

So, does size matter? Despite larger numbers being perceived as popularity or success, the size of an email list is less influential than the quality of the list.  Upgrade an email list into a prime business asset by learning the factors of a quality email list. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here…

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Creating A Stand-Alone Product For Corporate Clients

stand alone product

Everything’s there. Main ideas, strategies, and approaches naturally emerge while developing more experience in providing a service or value to clients. How can these principles of expertise be packaged into a stand-alone product?  Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods…

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Sales Conversations: Speaking With Credibility & Authority

sales conversations

How are you navigating your sales conversations? Words are very powerful when thinking of how people perceive information.  In fact, vocabulary shifts the influence we hold in our sales conversations. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in…

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Wording Design For Your Subscription Package: Sales Success Story

wording design

Having a proposal that is written clearly makes it easier for clients to commit to your offer. Wording design is essential. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce…

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What To Include For Follow Up Emails When You’ve Dropped The Ball

follow up emails

No one’s perfect, especially in entrepreneurship. In fact, mishaps are inherently a part of running a business. Follow up emails are key and what you include in them is crucial.  If you fall into a communication mishap with your clients, learn to maintain a well-balanced client relationship with your follow up emails afterwards. Your very…

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How To Successfully Start A Consultation Call: On-Air Coaching Call

consultation call

Guide prospective clients through a consultation call with language and parameters to increase your close rate for your business. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value…

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How To Turn Buying Signals Into Sales: A Sales Success Story

buying signals into sales

Matching your business model, through prices and structured offers, to respect your expertise allows you to provide greater value as a result. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself near an audience where you can both give…

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Better Business Proposals Template- How To Write Them

Business proposals template

Create a master business proposals template to get an easy “yes” from your dream clients. Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Like talking to a good friend, Nikki discusses the lessons of crafting proper business proposals. Discover how to prepare business…

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Creating A Safe Space In Sales: On-Air Coaching Call

safe space

Find out how to build trust by creating a safe space with uncertain prospects that seem to abandon their interest in moving forward with you. Your very own sales maven, Nikki, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. She’ll be taking you with her as she gives live coaching…

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Creating A Membership Offer: On-Air Coaching Call

membership offer

Make the sales call you want without feeling sleazy or pushy. Your very own sales maven, Nikki, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Nikki will be taking you with her as she gives live coaching. You will learn about energy management in a corporate setting, and building community/membership…

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Closing Sales with Discovery Calls: A Sales Success Story

discovery calls

Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Casey Gromer. If closing sales with discovery calls is an issue you’re having, you won’t want to miss this. Learn how Casey mastered closing sales with discovery calls…   Since the last time she was on the show, Casey has…

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Misunderstood Sales Strategies & How This Costs Your Business

sales strategies

Today Nikki is discussing the misunderstood sales strategies she is seeing and how this can affect your business. Nikki is giving her perspective on these sales strategies and hopes this episode will have you approaching your sales conversations a little differently, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show. Have you been…

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How She Closed Millions In Sales: A Sales Success Story

closed sales

Today, Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Kylie Cantu. Kylie is a performance-driven sales professional with a stellar record of connecting with customers and driving remarkable product and service sales. During her first strategy session with Nikki, Kylie’s struggle was that she didn’t know how to…

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Using Stories When Podcast Guesting To Attract Clients

using stories

Nikki’s guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Geraldine Carter. Geraldine is the owner of She Thinks Big Coaching, where she helps her clients build and price services that will reduce workload while increasing revenue. Listen as she asks for Nikki’s help with using stories and talking points for a podcast tour she is going…

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Business Success Plan, How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive

business success plan

Today Nikki is sharing a business success plan on how to turn negatives into positives in your sales conversations.     She is going to give some examples of things that often come up in sales conversations that are perceived as negative and hopefully show you how to turn them around to make them positive…

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Building An Email List Through Speaking: A Sales Success Story

building email list

Building an email list can be a challenging feat. Learning how to use everyday opportunities to help build it is key. Nikki is celebrating a sales success story today with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Niki Ramirez. Niki is the founder and principal consultant at HR Answers, a human resource consulting firm that…

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Pricing Options: An On-Air Coaching Call

Pricing Options

Do you have trouble trying to figure out different pricing options for your clients? Tune in to see how Nikki helps Jill navigate this hurdle.     Nikki’s guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Jill Shroyer. Jill is a Sales Maven Society member and the owner of Expedition HR Consulting. Jill loves dealing with…

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Building Community: On-Air Coaching Call

Building Community with Tracey Warren

On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki works with Tracey Warren, a longtime friend, client, and society member. Tracey wants to know how to start a membership from scratch. She wants to have a plan for building community such as growing her email list and filling her membership as quickly as possible. Nikki…

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