Better Business Proposals Template- How To Write Them

With Lorena Klingel

Business proposals template

Create a master business proposals template to get an easy “yes” from your dream clients.

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Like talking to a good friend, Nikki discusses the lessons of crafting proper business proposals. Discover how to prepare business proposals you can use over and over to book top-tier clients on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Today’s episode is a conversation with a longtime client, friend, and Sales Maven Society member, Lorena Klingel. Lorena shares her sales success story with Learn to Flourish, her learning and development company. Clients hire Learn to Flourish to create engaging, fun online learning programs. No project is exactly the same, and the variety of formats match different consumers and uses, such as personal skills or employee onboarding.

Nikki gives advice on making business proposals with a business proposals template a really easy “yes” for clients, which lessens the stress of preparing for future proposals.

Hear Lorena talk about reaching out to Nikki for specific assistance for a business proposal to her dream client. As a result, what started as a lengthy proposal was rearranged into a more palatable presentation of information and benefits. Lorena expresses her excitement in getting the client, and she also shares how she uses the proposal Nikki helped with as a master template. So, Lorena saves time and energy on big client proposals.

Over the years, the trait about Lorena that sticks out to Nikki is that she proved to be a great implementer. Lorena’s dedication motivates Nikki to help where she can. Lorena mentions how great Nikki is at building rapport with the Sales Maven Society. Together, the community of the Sales Maven Society is bringing the best out of each other.

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In This Episode:

[00:43] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[01:35] – Lorena Klingel introduces herself, and Learn to Flourish, her learning program development business.

[03:17] – After that, Lorena shares the value Learn to Flourish offers clients, especially with the virtual training provided for planning for an online program.

[06:02] – Learn to Flourish works with corporations and small business owners to create individual content, from courses to games.

[08:22] – Lorena talks about how the team helps clients to figure out the approach for each project.

[10:17] – Lorena shares her story about the proposal she requested Nikki’s  guidance on.

[12:48] – Listen to the main features of the proposal for the client Lorena really wanted to impress.

[14:53] – Invest the time, energy, and money to create an easy “yes”.

[16:48] – Show the proposal in a way that allows clients to realize the huge value they can receive through the deal.

[19:22] – Happily, Lorena shares what she felt about getting a “yes” from her dream client.

[21:17] – After that, Lorena says she created a template from this proposal for her future partnerships.

[23:56] – Next, Nikki thanks Lorena, and asks Lorena to share what she likes about the Sales Maven Society.

[26:38] – Lorena continues to gush over Nikk’s ability to build rapport with her community.

[28:13] – Then, Lorena reveals that she prepared a special gift for the Sales Maven Society. 

[31:01] – People prefer to learn on digital platforms. Hear Lorena’s thoughts on the trend that was driven by the pandemic.

[33:04] – One of the biggest factors to learning is the motivation factor.

[34:14] – Thank you for listening. I am so grateful you are here!


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