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Mastering Excellence With Melissa Rose

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Today’s guest is Melissa Rose. Tune in as Nikki and Melissa discuss the best ways to utilize your Google Business profile to garner more sales!

Melissa started her business The Dancing House in the basement of her home where she taught the art of dance to students of all ages while her babies were right along with her in the pack and play. With passion, resilience, and tenacity, she created a business that has become “The Highlight of Your Week” for her tribe, her team and her community, along with running a successful brick and mortar business and an online dance membership. Melissa is also a visibility coach and consultant to other local brick + mortar businesses, providing direction by leveraging SEO best practices, encompassing Google Business Profile optimization, blog writing, social media engagement, and email/text campaigns. When not inspiring or empowering, Melissa's a mama of five kiddos, enjoys long hikes, playing in her garden and helping others grow and connect through Healthy in the Valley.

Join Nikki and Melissa as they explore the importance of maximizing your Google business profile, emphasizing consistency, clarity, and control in SEO strategies.

Melissa reveals her system for consistently collecting Google reviews, highlighting their impact on online visibility and consumer trust. As they discuss the power of reviews in influencing purchasing decisions, they uncover actionable insights for brick-and-mortar and online businesses.

Melissa's expertise shines as she demystifies SEO, offering practical tips for optimizing your Google Business profile and maintaining online visibility. From geotagging photos to updating business information, she provides a comprehensive approach to SEO that ensures lasting results.

With engaging anecdotes and actionable advice, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their online presence and attract more customers. Tune in to discover how mastering SEO can transform your business's visibility and success!

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In This Episode:

[00:31] – Today’s guest is Melissa Rose of The Dancing House.

[03:04] – Melissa reflects on how growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin shaped her resilient approach to life.

[04:48] – Melissa argues that consistency and clarity are key to mastering SEO and attracting the right clients.

[07:01] – It’s important to regularly update your Google business profile with engaging content.

[10:54] – Using Google reviews extensively boosts credibility and attracts both customers and potential employees effectively.

[14:37] – Embracing SEO's consistency aligns with Melissa's preference for routine, enhancing her business strategies.

[16:49] – Melissa is a self-proclaimed introvert and facilitates reviews via messages, making it effortless and boosting online visibility.

[18:53] – Melissa and her team use a multi-channel approach – email, phone calls, and encouragement cards – to request Google reviews.

[20:10] – Melissa suggests quarterly reviews, excluding summer and December, to track referrals and encourage repeat success.

[23:17] – Melissa emphasizes optimizing your Google business profile with detailed service information and proper category selection.

[26:21] – Melissa suggests initially investing 90 minutes to optimize your Google business profile.

[29:15] – To attract genuine clients, Melissa emphasizes the importance of SEO over social media engagement.

[32:57] – Melissa highlights the critical role of reviews and photos on Google business profiles for attracting customers.

[35:39] – It’s important to optimize all aspects of one’s Google Business profile beyond mere reviews.

[37:46] – Daily morning walks currently bring Melissa pleasure and joy.

[38:59] – People often mistakenly believe that Melissa is extroverted.

[39:48] – ​​What is something exciting currently happening in Melissa's business?

[41:16] – Hear a success story showing that, with focused effort, Google ranking improvements are achievable in a short time.


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