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Mastering Excellence With Tanya Goodall Smith

branding for introverts

Today’s episode is part of Nikki’s Mastering Excellence series, and Nikki is happy to be sitting down with Tanya Goodall Smith, author of The Introvert's Guide to Personal Branding: How to Put Yourself Out There Without Changing Who You Are.

Tanya founded WorkStory Creative, an agency that helps introverts who are evolving their business create an elevated brand vision and bring it to life. Her 20+ year career began at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, which led to design jobs with international brands like HP, Disney and GUESS. She has served on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners, was a finalist in Maria Sharipova’s Women’s Entrepreneur Program and is a Brand Builder’s Group Certified Personal Branding Strategist. Beyond work, Tanya balances rowing, ballet and classic film binges with the busy lives of her teenagers.

Tune in as Nikki and Tanya discuss Tanya’s journey, which is especially inspiring, as she reveals how her introverted nature initially posed challenges in networking and self-promotion.

She shares how she overcame these obstacles to thrive in her field and discusses the strategic approach she uses to help clients define their brand, including a detailed process that extracts essential information about a business to form the foundation of a compelling personal brand.

Tanya also emphasizes the importance of aligning marketing strategies with one's personality, particularly for introverts, in order to avoid burnout and to maximize productivity. Listen in to hear Tanya’s inspirational story and to discover the key elements of successful branding!

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In This Episode:

[00:30] – This episode, part of Nikki’s Mastering Excellence series, interviews Tanya Goodall Smith.

[02:59] – Nikki expresses excitement about Tanya’s upcoming book, relating to the topic of being true to oneself in building a successful brand.

[04:16] – What prompted Tanya to write her book?

[06:42] – Tanya discusses the strategic approach that many introverts thrive on, emphasizing clarity in brand purpose and messaging for success.

[08:52] – Then, Tanya reflects on starting her freelance career despite not having a clear vision for her brand.

[10:40] – It's important for introverts to shift their mindset and focus on identifying areas where introversion might hinder progress.

[13:37] – Next, Nikki agrees and emphasizes the significance of mindset in business, advocating for identifying obstacles.

[16:08] – Nikki realizes that her teaching style aligns with her introverted nature, emphasizing the comfort of being prepared in conversations.

[17:35] – Then, Nikki reflects on a pivotal moment from 2017, having felt out of alignment until finding a mentor.

[19:07] – Next, Tanya focuses on strategy, extracting essential information to help shape her brand identity and attract ideal clients.

[22:51] – Here, Tanya encourages identifying target customers and being unapologetically specific in order to save time and resources.

[25:51] – Nikki enthuses over the importance of having pricing on one’s website.

[27:38] – Then, Tanya advises addressing what's not working to refine branding and messaging to attract the right clients.

[29:22] – Next, Tanya argues that being successful in the world of business is about more than just getting clients 

[32:10] – Effective branding is crucial for business longevity!

[34:24] – Then, Tanya advocates for maintaining a consistent brand identity with minimal changes.

[35:52] – Tanya finds joy and connection in adult ballet classes and benefits from movement as she ages.

[37:52] – What is something about Tanya that often surprises people?

[38:49] – Now, Tanya eagerly anticipates her book's release in July and eagerly announces a personal branding retreat in Costa Rica.

[39:38] – Last, Tanya reveals the best ways to get in touch with her.


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