Building An Email List Through Speaking: A Sales Success Story

With Niki Ramirez

building email list

Building an email list can be a challenging feat. Learning how to use everyday opportunities to help build it is key.

Nikki is celebrating a sales success story today with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Niki Ramirez. Niki is the founder and principal consultant at HR Answers, a human resource consulting firm that specializes in providing support and HR guidance to small business leaders. Listen as Niki shares the challenge she came to Nikki with around her speaking engagements and how to connect with people to create a future sale such as building an email list, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Nikki helped Niki follow a process in preparing the people who were in her sessions to be ready for an offer at the end by sprinkling in important information language as a lead-up to the offer. Nikki believes that it's important to plant seeds while still following the rules of no selling from the stage, allowing people to take the next step with you.


Building an email list through speaking engagements is a great way to create future sales.


Niki shares that once they determined her strategy, she invited people to join the list and join her community. She says that 18 to 20 percent of the people at her conferences sign up to be on her mailing list, and she has also implemented donating to a local charity for every person who signs up to her email list. Then she makes a blanket donation to the charity. Niki also talks about Nikki's advice to have different offers ready to meet a prospective client's needs.

Niki believes some benefits she has received from being a part of the Sales Maven Society are that it has made it so that she doesn't have to think about what to ask because there are so many smart people already asking the questions. Having access to the materials, recorded training, and the how-tos have made it so that she can make a checklist of things she is working on to improve her techniques is another big plus.

Nikki wants to invite you to join her Sales Maven Society. This is an opportunity for you and Nikki to work together, you bring your questions, concerns, sales challenges, and she provides answers and guidance to boost your confidence. Join the Sales Maven Society here, click add to cart, and then checkout and use coupon code: 47trial to get your first month for $47.00!

In This Episode:

  • [01:04] Welcome to the show, Nikki!
  • [01:31] Niki shares her background, business, and what she does for her clients.
  • [04:40] Niki believes that HR departments are overwhelmed, which is why her business is important.
  • [05:25] How do your clients typically find you?
  • [08:09] Niki believes that connecting with people is the only way to succeed in any business.
  • [09:05] Niki shares the challenge that she and Nikki worked on around her speaking engagements and how to connect with them to create a future sale.
  • [11:32] Nikki speaks about how to plant seeds and still follow the rules and allow people to take the next step with you.
  • [13:40] Niki discusses donating to a local charity at every conference she speaks at.
  • [15:52] Nikki feels like she gave Niki a grain of rice, and she took it and planted a rice field.
  • [19:30] What is one benefit to you of being in the Sales Maven Society group?
  • [23:17] Today's question is, should we go ahead and schedule a time for our next meeting?

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