Business Development Through Introductions – The Do’s and Don’ts

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Business Development Through Introductions: Do you have someone who is willing to make an introduction on your behalf?

Nikki says that asking for introductions is one of the easiest ways to open the door with a new potential prospect for business development. Listen, as she shares some key critical things you need to do and others you don’t want to do once the introduction has been made to keep the rapport going, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show

“When you make it easy for people to do things, they are more likely to do it.” Nikki believes that when you ask for an introduction, you need to be specific and ask for a specific person or type of person, if possible. You could make it easy on the person making the introduction if you write up a small blurb for them and give it to them once they agree to make the introduction.

Business Development Through Introductions Continued…

“Once someone goes out of their way to make an introduction, it’s your job to follow up right away.” Have script language ready, so you are prepared and ready to respond. It’s your job to make it easy for that person to engage with you, but do not send the person your calendar link and ask them to schedule a time on it; Nikki says it can break rapport.

Nikki says that a conversation has a back-and-forth flow. If you are answering a question with over three sentences, you might be word vomiting. If you get off a call with a prospective client and you haven’t reached an agreement, continue to build a relationship with that person because down the road, they may be in a different place and need what you are offering.



In This Episode: Business Development

  • [00:43] Welcome to the show!
  • [01:55] Nikki shares a review from a listener and Sales Maven Society member named Leo.
  • [03:06] Asking for an introduction is the easiest way to open the door with a new potential prospect.
  • [04:57] When you are asking for an introduction, ask in a kind and specific way.
  • [07:22] If you write your own introduction, it’s not the time to play small, toot your own horn.
  • [09:10] Nikki says that when somebody goes out of their way to make an introduction, your job is to follow up right away.
  • [11:17] Have some script language ready to do when someone makes an introduction on your behalf.
  • [11:58] It’s your job to make it easy for that person to engage with you in some way.
  • [13:07] Do not send the person your calendar link and ask them to schedule a time with you.
  • [15:30] Then, Nikki gives an example of when someone makes it difficult to contact them, like when she is asked to be on podcasts, and they send an intake form.


Business Development Continued…

  • [18:12] Once they agree to have a meeting or call with you, build rapport!
  • [19:42] Nikki shares a story of when someone wanted to introduce her to someone who wanted her to buy something.
  • [22:43] Then, Nikki says that she realized she could use the phone conversation as a teaching tool.
  • [24:08] A conversation needs to have a back-and-forth flow.
  • [25:26] Ask them if you can be a resource to them, don’t assume that they are going to tell you if they are going to hire you or not.
  • [26:47] Then, continue to build a relationship after the call if you haven’t come to an agreement.
  • [29:08] Make sure you are on your best behavior if you get on the phone with a prospective client.
  • [30:06] When you make an introduction for somebody, go above and beyond and highlight people in the best possible way.
  • [32;58] Thank you for listening!


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