Client Acquisition: One Irrefutable Way To Get More Clients

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Would you be interested to learn one irrefutable way to get more clients?

Client acquisition is one of largest expenses for many businesses. Seriously, who doesn't want more clients?

A few weeks back out of the blue someone contacted me about becoming a private coaching client. When I asked how she'd heard about my work, she said someone she knows referred her. When I asked who it was, she said, “this person doesn't actually know you, she heard about you from someone else and suggested I call you.” These are precious moments and even more delicate opportunities.

The inquiring prospect informed me that she was going to interview a few other possible coaches and would let me know her decision. Of course, using the techniques I teach, I suggested we schedule a “circle-back-call” so we could discuss her decision. That way I'm not waiting around “hoping” to hear from her and “wondering” if I should call her or not. Having a time on both of our calendars to talk again also creates a little prompting on her part to make a decision. The morning of our scheduled circle-back-call, she emailed to ask to reschedule. She'd been unable to interview any other coaches since we talked and wanted a little more time. We rescheduled for a week later. Fast forward a few weeks, she decided to hire me and became a VIP client.

The Difference That Helps With Client Acquisition

During her VIP Intensive day session, we were discussing the sales process and the specific steps for moving a prospect from a contact to a paying client. As I outlined the steps, I used our interaction as an example. I walked her through my specific process to demonstrate how we got to be in that room together working on her business.

At one point she stopped me and said, “You know Nikki, one of the main reasons we're here today is you were the only person who actually responded to my request to talk about working together. That's why I had to reschedule our call after our first interaction. I was still waiting to hear from other potential candidates.” No one else responded. And guess what, I'm not surprised at all. I can't tell you how many times I've heard:

You're the only person:

  • who returns my calls/emails.
  • who's ever asked me for my business.
  • I've ever hired that didn't just tell me what I needed to do, you walked me through how to do it too.

Dang, if I had a dollar for every time I've heard some version of the above 3 statements.

Ok, I know only the first one is related to the topic, however, if I'm putting it out there that I'd like a dollar for every time I hear something, I want these other two to be included as it would definitely impact the amount I receive!

The purpose of sharing this with you is because it doesn't actually take much to set yourself apart from the pack. As a matter of fact, many times all you have to do is respond. A simple call back or email response puts you light years ahead of the competition. It's unfortunate and it's true.

When You Don't Have Time For Client Acquisition…

There may be a thousand reasons as to why you're not returning calls and emails when they come in. I get it, I'm busy too. However, these types of inquiries must take priority. Even if you call the person to let them know you don't have time to talk now. Offer to schedule a time in the near future so they know you're interested in earning their business. Don't let a day go by telling yourself you'll follow back up. You won't. The request will somehow get forgotten, pushed below the fold in your email (contact Nicole at Luxcentric to learn how to keep this one from happening), or you'll misplace their information. Believe me, I've dropped this ball before a few times myself.

It's so rare to meet a business owner who tells me they're not looking for new business. And yet, so many people never get called back when they inquire about hiring someone. Be sure you have a system in place to call people back. Even if your system is you stop what you're doing and pick up the phone immediately. You can be sure you're increasing your client acquisition when you do this.

Wishing you continued success in all you do.

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