Closing Sales with Discovery Calls: A Sales Success Story

With Casey Gromer

discovery calls

Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Casey Gromer. If closing sales with discovery calls is an issue you're having, you won't want to miss this.

Learn how Casey mastered closing sales with discovery calls…


Since the last time she was on the show, Casey has started a new company and a new podcast. Casey is back to share some of her successes and how she has taken the nuggets of great information from Nikki and the Sales Maven Society to grow her business substantially on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Casey shares that the single most impactful change she has made from working with Nikki has been her discovery calls process. She believes that when she first started working with Nikki, her discovery calls were, in her words, a ‘dumpster fire.’ After working with Nikki, she knows what to listen for and the questions to ask, so she hears what is happening in their businesses. Now she closes most of her discovery calls with some kind of sale.

Casey shares that the group itself, connecting to other women and talking about sales strategies in real-life terms, is one benefit she has received from being a part of the Sales Maven Society. The Sales Advisory Board is priceless, and she is so happy to be part of the group.

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In This Episode:

[01:21] Welcome back to the show, Casey!

[01:49] Casey shares about her business and how she is doing today.

[04:02] What is the indicator that you need a fractional integrator?

[05:49] Casey talks about how she responds when people tell her they can’t grow their business anymore because they just can’t work any harder.

[08:11] Casey speaks about how people typically work with her and her team.

[11:02] Listen as Casey shares how they determine who their ideal female client is.

[14:33] Casey discusses what she learned from Nikki and how she has taken that information and grown her business substantially.

[16:44] Casey changed some of her services once she understood what women were looking for when they had discovery calls.

[18:29] Another significant thing about discovery calls is that you can tell when a client won’t be a good fit.

[21:01] Nikki is thrilled to see Casey step into a leadership role and help women.

[22:35] Casey shares one benefit from being a part of the Sales Maven Society.

[26:24] Thank you for being on the show!

[26:51] What has been the most meaningful and or useful of the meeting today? Is Nikki’s question of the week.


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