Confidence In Selling: On Air Coaching Call

Tori Levine, Momxiety Club

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“Do something before the call to make you the best version of yourself.”

Listen to Nikki's on-air coaching call with Tori Levine, a Sales Maven Society member. Her business is the Momxiety Club, which grew out of her desire to have a podcast, an outlet for herself to talk one on one with moms. Tori needs Nikki's support around confidence in selling the right package to the right clients.

Nikki suggests that Tori use the four steps in the NLP Mandala to boost her confidence before a sales call to manage her internal state. I'm glad I'm here, I'm glad you're here, I know what I know, and I care about you. Nikki also discusses narrowing down the offers with an all-inclusive offer, a step-down option, and then a step down to the lowest offer available.

Confidence In Selling Continued…

Listen, as Nikki gives Tori the sales language to use when pitching her offers, so she sounds confident. Nikki's advice is to recommend the package you believe the client needs, not what you think the client can afford and when sharing your package pricing, say it like you are telling them the time of day, be confident in your pricing. Take a breath, slow down your speech, and layout your offers.

Tori believes one benefit from being in the Sales Maven Society group is the access to Nikki and everyone else in the group. She says it has been incredible to pose a question and have some of the best business minds give their insights and suggestions.

If any of what Tori is going through resonates with you, you can't miss this episode!

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This Episode:

  • [01:04] Welcome to the show, Tori!
  • [01:19] Tori shares her background and businesses.
  • [04:07] Tori speaks about how she came up with the name Momxiety.
  • [05:05] Listen as Tori shares what she needs Nikki's help with like confidence in selling. 
  • [05:56] Nikki discusses state management, doing something before the call to make you the best version of yourself.
  • [06:47] Then, Nikki shares the four statements in the NLP Mandala.
  • [07:57] Nikki suggests that Tori offers an all-inclusive package that encompasses everything a mom needs.
  • [09:56] To confidently layout your offer, Nikki suggests recommending what they need, not what you think they can afford.
  • [11:04] Give the price of your packages like you are telling them the time of day.
  • [12:01] Nikki gives Tori the language to use when describing the three main ways clients can work with her.
  • [14:36] Next, Nikki believes that the all-inclusive needs to be Tori's shining star, and she shares how to sell it.
  • [17:06] Practice laying out the offer is key.
  • [18:10] When getting ready to lay out the offer, do a big exhale and slow down your speech so the client's mind can process what you are saying.
  • [20:46] Nikki shares an exercise with Tori for when she finishes the call.
  • [23:04] Tori shares one benefit from being in the Sales Maven Society group.
  • [24:34] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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