Conversion Email Sequences: Sales Success Story

With Liz Larson and Leah Larson, Cognomovement

conversation email sequences

It was such a blast discussing Cognomovement with mother-daughter dynamic duo Liz Larson and Leah Larson!

Along with talking about conversion email sequences, they talk about their roles within the company and how the company came to be. Like how Liz implemented a sales program as a sales trainer in the car business and was then a neurolinguistic practitioner after that car dealership closed.

Now co-developer and lead trainer of Cognomovement‘s Research and Development department, Liz spends some time explaining what she does today and what types of resources that Cognomovement offers people. Cognomovement utilizes a revolutionary therapy technique that moves toward trying to solve problems such as fears and phobias, relationship issues, low energy and low creative output, inability to concentrate, and so much more – not by working with the mind but rather by working with the body!

Liz's daughter Leah is the business manager of Cognomovement. She takes care of email marketing and social media, and she discusses what that has been like. She also describes her email sequencing role and what that has been like for her.  Both of them enthusiastically discuss Cognomovement and the importance of pre-framing. They, for example, offer a free weekly event at the end of which they make an offer.

Conversion Email Sequences help keep your potential clients intrigued.

Liz and Leah also touch my heart by enthusing over what working with me at the Sales Maven Society has been like and what they have learned from working with me. Liz, for example, says that her work went from being a chore to being exciting. And how even though she and Leah thought that they were doing well at the beginning, what I taught them and helped them build was still beneficial to them.

The love and respect are mutual. Liz and Leah are changing the world and changing lives and are constantly testing the limits of what's possible for the betterment of humanity. I hope that you'll check out Cognomovement!

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In This Episode: Conversion Email Sequences

[0:42] – Nikki welcomes us to this episode of the podcast and introduces the topic of this episode – a sales success story from Liz Larson and Leah Larson.

[1:27] – Liz gives us some background information about herself. Such as how she has a background in sales in the car business and then became a neurolinguistic practitioner.

[3:05] – Leah explains her role at Cognomovement, detailing how she is the business manager.

[3:51] – Liz describes her relationship with Bill Mckenna, the founder of Cognomovement, and how he founded the company.

[6:26] – We learn what the benefits are of Cognomovement and what types of people would be interested in what they offer.

[8:55] – Liz details how people who might be interested in Cognomovement start the process of getting involved in it and what different types of services that Cognomovement offers.

[11:50] – We learn that Cognomovement has acupuncture doctors, therapists, and people who are interested in self-help and healing.

[13:59] – Liz talks about what success has looked like for Cognomovement.

[15:41] – We learn about Gaia TV, an alternative streaming service.

[16:13] – Leah explains the dynamic of their mother-daughter partnership and the large following that their YouTube profile has garnered.

[18:38] – Leah describes her email sequencing role.

[20:51] – Liz compares their startup process to having used training wheels.

[23:01] – Nikki advises that when sending an email out to a list, we shouldn't address the entire list but rather address it as if you're talking to one person.

[24:05] – Liz discusses how selling was at first a chore but that now it is exciting and explains why.

[26:31] – We learn about how Nikki helped Liz and Leah and how Liz learned to pre-frame when selling.

[28:14] – Then, Liz narrates the process of having to completely rebuild their website and relaunch their business.

[29:41] – Next, Leah details what working with Nikki was like and what they gained from working with her.

[31:31] – Liz offers her own insight regarding what working with Nikki was like.

[33:16] – Nikki praises Liz's and Leah's work and details what working with them was like.

[35:31] – Liz stresses how important that it is for her to consider and create goals around what's possible.

[38:08] – Then, Liz and Leah share what they have gained from being members of the Sales Maven Society.

[40:49] – Leah shares with us how we can get in touch with them online.

[41:54] – Liz mentions their free ebook Suffering Is Optional, which is available on their Cognomovement website.

[42:38] – Nikki brings the episode to closure by offering a question with which you can open emails and offers a coupon code to join Sales Maven Society.


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