Creating a Business Culture Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Feat. Rebecca Tamm, Michigan Massage & Wellness

Sales Maven Podcast-create a business culture where everyone knows your name

Do you have a fresh perspective on your business and where you want to take it?

Creating a business culture can be a little tricky. Nikki is having an on-air coaching call with Rebecca Tamm, a Sales Maven Society member. Rebecca has been a massage therapist for 17 years and is the owner of Michigan Massage & Wellness in Troy, Michigan. 

Rebecca wants to expand her business outside of the therapy room in order to build another brand around her online presence and workshops; she wants to create a new business culture. She needs Nikki’s support to figure out how to make it happen. Nikki discusses building the culture of Rebecca’s business and drilling down to the specifics of how she wants to accomplish her goal.

“People will come for the content, but they stay for the community.” Nikki gives Rebecca some suggestions on how to highlight her clientele and make each one feel like they are the only client in the office as well as how to pour love on her team members so they feel important.

Listen, as Nikki gives some advice on what questions Rebecca should ask on the survey she wants to send to clients that haven’t been in for a while. Then, they discuss how to word an email to get the best response from the recipient. The more specific you get with your questions, the easier it is to get answers that go below the surface level.

Rebecca shares that the most significant benefit she has received from being a member of the Sales Maven Society is the ability to have an online coaching call and getting answers from Nikki and the members for questions she might have. It’s an invaluable community to be a part of. For sales and business advice, no one does it better than Nikki.

In This Episode

[01:06] Welcome to the show, Rebecca!

[01:19] Rebecca shares a little about herself and her business.

[03:49] Then, Rebecca speaks about reopening her business after they were closed for three months.

[06:03] She shares her goals with Nikki and speaks about her priorities.

[08:58] Rebecca wants her business to become the Cheers of Michigan in the massage field, a place where everyone knows your name in the business.

[09:10] Then, Nikki speaks about drilling down the big picture in order to be specific on how she wants to accomplish her goal.

[10:38] Nikki says to think about how you can highlight your clientele publicly.

[12:52] Give your team some strategies on ways to pour love on your clients.

[14:16] Rebecca shares the procedure they follow for each client.

[16:25] Nikki speaks about highlighting your team as well.

[18:31] People will come for the content, but they stay for the community.

More on creating business culture…

[20:14] There is nothing better than implementing and an idea that everyone feels like was theirs.

[21:54] Rebecca speaks about making out a survey for their clients, asking them what they can do to serve them better.

[23:01] Nikki shares that the more specific she makes her questions, the easier it is to get more in-depth answers than surface level.

[26:33] Next, Nikki discusses some questions Rebecca can ask her clients and team members.

[28:51] Then, Nikki shares a subject line that Rebecca could use in her email marketing.

[30:52] Rebecca speaks about how to word an email to get a response.

[32:02] Nikki suggests a question that Rebecca could pose in her email.

[33:08] Rebecca discusses a benefit she has received from being a member of the Sales Maven Society.

[34:32] Nikki shares about an online course for stretching that Rebecca offers called Stretch Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

[36:10] Then, Rebecca asks Nikki which stretch she liked best from the two she was given.

[36:39] Rebecca shares why she created the stretching program.

[39:58] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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