Creating A Safe Space In Sales: On-Air Coaching Call

With Jenn Trinidad

safe space

Find out how to build trust by creating a safe space with uncertain prospects that seem to abandon their interest in moving forward with you.

Your very own sales maven, Nikki, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. She’ll be taking you with her as she gives live coaching advice to a client. Listen to real examples and strategies for getting prospects to complete the sales process by creating a safe space for them on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Today’s episode is an on-air coaching call with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Jenn Trinidad. She is calling in from Honolulu, HI where she operates her digital business. Jenn runs a website called, which is a membership site for women interested in budget tips and financial freedom. Her business was inspired by her own journey of paying off $90k of debt in four years, with $41k of the $90k debt being paid in that last year. Jenn uses her expertise to help women manage their finances, and helps women hit goals quicker than expected.

Jenn shares her pillars of finance and budgeting to create a good structure for money management. Not only does she help format the organization of finance and budgeting, she also makes a point to work on the mindset around how to interact with money. A key factor she talks about is being aware of the numbers. For example, a client originally predicted that they would complete their debt payment in 2023, and Jenn was able to create a plan that would complete the payment in 2021. 

Understandably, Jenn is absolutely confident in the value she provides, but she noticed that some prospects weren’t moving past their initial interest in her service. Nikki talks Jenn through how to get prospects through the sales staircase after initiating their curiosity.

The conversation needs to focus on asking effective questions that lead prospects to engage with a service, as well as creating a safe space for prospects so they feel that they can comfortably reveal the most useful information for helping Jenn provide value to the prospect.


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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[00:53] Today, our on-air coaching call is with Jenn Trinidad.

[02:25] Jenn’s service started from her own story of paying off $90k of debt.

[03:58] Being observant and managing mindset obstacles changes the possibilities in how you can accomplish your budget goals.

[06:11] Imagine the freeing feeling of hitting your goals quicker than you anticipated.

[07:42] Jenn wants to discuss how to get prospects through the sales staircase after initiating their curiosity.

[08:25] In the journey from curiosity to sale, follow the curiosity phase with an invitation.

[10:51] Set a scheduled time when you are together with the prospect; that means “in the moment” you are talking.

[13:23] Nikki talks about the questions that lead prospects to engage with a service.

[16:13] Deal with uncertainty in prospects by giving assurance, and relieving the pressure of obligation.

[19:02] Nikki gives an example of what happens when reconnecting with prospects that did not move forward.

[22:07] Figure out what kind of content you can create that ties back to your main service, and amplifies your message.

[24:25] Consider creating safety for prospects, in case they are experiencing embarrassment.

[27:07] Nikki gives a hack for talking honestly without feeling too transparent. 

[28:47] Emphasize your ability to help prospects see the blind spots you can address by using mindful language.

[30:20] Nikki and Jenn agree that financial literacy would be great to learn earlier in life.

[32:45] You should aim to complete the invitation and create safety for prospects.

[33:54] Nikki explains that money doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable topic.

[35:31] Then, Jenn shares what she likes about  the Sales Maven Society, and shares details about her membership site.

[37:49] Thank you for listening. I am so grateful you are here!


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