An On-Air Coaching Call With Jessica Morrison, Web Designer

Sales Maven Podcast-Cross Selling

Cross-selling: Are you ready for another on-air coaching call?

On this episode of Your Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Jessica Morrison, a web designer for executive and leadership coaches, discuss her challenges in growing her business. Jessica shares that a lot of her business is one and done. She has a mindset issue asking her clients to purchase a six or twelve-month website maintenance subscription once the initial request has been fulfilled. Join in as Nikki explains the importance of cross selling. 

Nikki shares her suggestions, like pre-framing the offer as Jessica gets the project started, dropping seeds throughout the project, and finding places before finishing the project to bring up the importance of having the maintenance plan. Nikki shares some language Jessica can use to give the client the mindset of, “Yes, I need this for my website!”

Being able to ask for Nikki's advice when she is writing out some communication or needing to get the point across is one of the biggest benefits being a member of the Sales Maven Society gives Jessica.

Nikki has a gift for looking at something quickly and making changes that make it sound easy and smooth, which we all envy.

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In This Episode: Cross-Selling

[01:06] Welcome to the show, Jessica!

[01:14] Jessica shares what she does and how long she has been doing it.

[02:08] Jessica tells Nikki what she is struggling with.

[04:00] Nikki asks some questions to glean the information she needs to make suggestions.

[05:28] Nikki suggests pre-framing the offer, as Jessica is getting the project started.

[07:17] Jessica agrees that she can do that because she believes in the value she is offering.

[08:45] Jessica speaks about how a person's website can be hacked and how that can be avoided.

[10:26] Nikki believes that chunking sideways is a great way to get clients out of the mindset that they don't want to spend more money.

[11:50] Jessica speaks about the language to use when offering the maintenance subscription.

[14:20] You want to have a mix of toward and away from language when you are writing an offer.

[16:04] Nikki defines NLP and what she loves about it.

[19:05] Nikki wants Jessica to think about when in her process, she's going to bring up the maintenance plan.

[21:24] Listen, as Nikki gives Jessica some language to add to her contract to prime them for the maintenance plan.

[23:44] Can you be planting seeds during the process?

[25:27] Jessica asks for suggestions on naming her maintenance plan.

[27:48] Jessica shares one benefit she gets from being a member of the Sales Maven Society.

[30:34] Thank you for being on the show!



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