Customer-Centric Marketing – Attracting Your Ideal Clients

A Sales Success Story With Jen Hope

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Sometimes the words other people associate with you are different from what you think.

To attract your ideal clients, it’s important to know your audience’s interpretation of your reputation. Are you aware of how your audience describes you?

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value for your audience.

Today, learn about customer-centric marketing and attracting your ideal clients during this Sales Success Story on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Jen Hope is an accomplished leadership coach with over a decade of experience in helping entrepreneurs and tech leaders thrive. With a background in high-growth marketing and extensive knowledge in executive coaching, she has built a reputation as one of Seattle’s best business coaches. Her client list includes companies like Tenable, Amazon, Uplevel, DocuSign, Avalara, Compass, Simple Bank, Trupanion, and TomboyX.

In today’s episode, Nikki and Jen talk about understanding your authentic leadership brand and customer centric marketing.

Jen shares how her process using data research around human behavior looks at a leader’s reputation and impact to improve future operations. Listen as Nikki and Jen talk about ways to research reputation, reasons why being skilled doesn’t mean someone is a great leader, and tips to rethink your brand.

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In This Episode:

[00:27] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[00:45] – Jen Hope helps you understand your authentic leadership brand.

[03:37] – How do leaders figure out when to focus on their brand?

[05:41] – Having good skills doesn’t mean that someone’s meant to be a leader.

[08:18] – What’s the difference between identifying as a leader and identifying as a manager?

[10:55] – Vision is part of achieving.

[12:55] – Jen says Nikki inspired her to leverage data to articulate her own brand.

[14:56] – Are you aware of how your audience describes you?

[16:46] – Nikki and Jen recall a memorable strategy session they both benefited from.

[19:16] – Jen appreciated the timely responses and community in the Sales Maven Society.

[21:17] – Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!


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