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Have you ever met someone and instantly thought to yourself, this person is only interested in selling me something?

If you're like me, that is an instant turn off, and usually, I want to get out of that conversation as fast as possible. Too many people are approaching sales as if the only thing that matters is closing the business. This type of thinking manifests itself in the form of desperate, pushy and aggressive behaviors. These behaviors do way more damage to your client relationships than you can imagine.

Many of you have heard me talk about “Salesy Salespeople” and the behaviors of those people. Often when I give a keynote presentation, I ask the audience to describe the behaviors of someone who's salesy.  It's common for one of the responses to always be, “They are more interested in what they want than in what I need.”

Too many people forget the relationship must come first if you want to sustain a long-term successful working relationship with that client. The first step in building a relationship is establishing rapport. Without rapport, it doesn't matter if you have the best product, best price, or even if you're the only game in town, people will look for another solution. And in today's evolving marketplace, someone will offer an alternative solution with better customer service.

Your Savvy Sale Tip this week is, look for ways to build rapport with the people you come into contact. Here's a quick video explaining the importance of building rapport, a possible way to think about it, and what you can do to deepen your level rapport with your contacts.

So what will you be doing this week to either establish or deepen your level of rapport with your contacts?  I'd love to hear from you.

Wishing you continued success in all you're doing.

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