Effective Project Timeline Tip: Get Deliverables Quickly & Get Paid Sooner

K'ai Roberts Fu, Magnus Media Group

Sales Maven Podcast - Get deliverables quickly and get paid sooner with Kai Roberts Fu

Do you ever struggle to get clients to take action so you can finish a project and receive your final payment?

Need help building an effective project timeline? Today, Nikki's guest is K'ai Roberts Fu, a member of the Sales Maven Society and the owner of Magnus Media Group Video Production, a mobile video production company. K'ai is asking for Nikki's help navigating content creation, marketing, and promotional offers in a constantly changing environment and what she can do to coach people into finishing a project, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven podcast.

Nikki starts by suggesting ways for K'ai to approach clients about ways she can of service to them. She believes that since K'ai is so shy, if she starts by asking questions, it might make it easier to get a conversation started to highlight how she can help them promote their business. Nikki wants K'ai to treat her business just like she would any other business in the community that she recommends, and it's okay to be proud of what she does. It's not bragging; it's a statement of what is.

Nikki also gives K'ai some insights into getting projects completed by blocking time on the client's calendar to get each stage of the project completed. When a client doesn't finish their portion of the project on time, they usually don't block time to complete the task. So if you handle their calendar, it should make getting the needed information easier.

Effective Project Timeline Continued…

K'ai shares that being a part of the group and getting feedback is one of the biggest benefits she receives from being a Sales Maven Society member. She says that when she saw the way Nikki offers suggestions for the member's emails and gives feedback along with the other members, she realized how wonderful it is.

Do you want to know how to use your questions? Nikki invites you to join the Sales Maven Society. This is an opportunity for you and Nikki to work together, you bring your questions, concerns, and sales issues, and she provides answers and guidance to boost your confidence. Join by going to www.salesmavensociety.com, click add to cart, and then checkout and use coupon code: 47trial to get your first month for only $47.00!

In This Episode: Effective Project Timeline

[01:04] Welcome to the show, Kai!

[01:14] K'ai shares her business and what she does.

[02:14] Then, K'ai discusses how they have been able to continue doing business remotely.

[05:00] K'ai can't wait for live events to get started up again.

[06:54] Next, K'ai speaks about how Nikki can support her today.

[08:15] Nikki encourages K'ai to pay attention to ways to share with clients ways to use their business.

[09:45] Nikki shares some places that might need virtual tours to allow them to show venues.

[12:08] K'ai says that she is so introverted that it makes it difficult for her to talk to people about being of service to them.

[13:06] Nikki believes a good way to start a conversation is to start with a question.

[15:45] Nikki wants K'ai to think of her business like any other business they highlight.

[17:20] Then, Nikki talks about mapping across and finding out ways to pour love out on your own business like you do other businesses in the area.

[19:16] K'ai also is looking for ways to incentivize clients.

[20:01] Nikki shares how it's important to make things easy for the client.

[20:42] Nikki says you will walk them through their calendar with you and block out time to get things done.

[22:13] K'ai loves these suggestions and gives examples from her own experience.

[22:54] The client needs to be as committed to the project as you are.

[25:20] Nikki shares an example with a client of hers.

[28:08] We can only help the people who are ready to be helped at the moment.

[29:57] What has been one benefit to you of being a Sales Maven Society member?

[32:08] Thank you for saying yes to being on the show!

[32:46] The question of the day is, what would be interesting for you to know?

[35:10] Thank you for listening!

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