How She Closed Millions In Sales: A Sales Success Story

With Kylie Cantu

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Today, Nikki is celebrating another sales success story with a member of the Sales Maven Society, Kylie Cantu.

Kylie is a performance-driven sales professional with a stellar record of connecting with customers and driving remarkable product and service sales. During her first strategy session with Nikki, Kylie's struggle was that she didn't know how to open doors or how to build relationships over the phone. Listen as they discuss how Nikki helped her and her success since then. She has closed millions in sales and tells you how, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.


Nikki's suggestion was to ask her client to send an introduction email to a prospective client that she couldn't seem to connect with. Once Kylie built the relationship with the client and school district, it led to more sales. It opened the door for Kylie to serve the Virginia Beach area with Interactive Flat Panels in all the school districts, which netted her millions in closed sales.

Kylie has an innate ability to commit to implementing what she learns, and because of that ability, she has had amazing successes. The things she learned from that first training with Nikki are strategies she still uses today. She says that everything Nikki has taught her has led her to where she is today in her career. Kylie looks back and reviews Nikki's teaching resources when she gets stuck and doesn't know how to move forward.

Kylie has closed millions in sales because of implementing Nikki's training.

She shares that some benefits of being a member of the Sales Maven Society are having access to Nikki, revisiting the teaching resources, and Nikki's strategies. Nikki's sales strategies differ from the old traditional ones that are taught to most sales personnel. Her strategies lead to more closed sales. 

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In This Episode:

[01:04] Welcome to the show, Kylie!

[01:38] Kylie shares her background and how she and Nikki met.

[04:28] After training with Nikki, she was determined that Nikki would be her mentor.

[06:20] Kylie speaks about what she is doing now in her career.

[07:45] Then, Kylie talks about the first strategy session she had with Nikki.

[09:03] After reaching out to a client and not getting a response, Nikki asked her to ask her client to send an introduction email.

[11:37] Once the relationship with the client and school district was built, she was able to open the door in Virginia Beach for Interactive Flat Panels.

[14:07] She became a resource for the client and helped him with what he needed.

[16:02] Kylie is an implementer, and she takes everything Nikki teaches and says and implements for amazing successes.

[19:20] Kylie is still learning and is committed to her success.

[20:27] What would you tell someone coming up and who wants to grow in sales?

[23:10] Kylie shares what her thought process is when she is trying to open doors.

[26:33] What do you believe is a benefit of having access to the Sales Maven Society?

[28:30] Thank you for being here, Kylie!

[28:46] The question of the week is, “What prompted you to take action on this now?”


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