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A Sales Success Story With Patricia Viscount

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Nikki is thrilled to share another Sales Success Story from one of her brilliant, amazing, and very talented Sales Maven Society members, Patricia Viscount.

In this episode, we dive into Patricia's business, role as the CEO, and get a before-and-after snapshot of her success since joining the Sales Maven Society.

Patricia's confidence and success have increased dramatically. She explains how she started small with a Small Business Saturday offer, which gave her the confidence to tweak her offers and create even more successful ones. Initially shy about sending offers to her list, she now sends them with confidence.

Once Patricia took the initial plunge, she felt empowered with each new client as she tweaked and grew her offers. She is also steadily growing her email list and even implemented one of our teachings by adding a fun quiz to attract more signups. You can find this quiz in the show notes below.

We also talk about the wonderful support of the Sales Maven Society community. Patricia has made smart and supportive friends in the group, which has helped propel her success and confidence. Having like-minded people to bounce ideas off of has been so much better than going it alone.

Joining the Sales Maven Society has helped Patricia become the CEO she was meant to be.

She is now confident enough to send offers to her list, test different strategies, and discover what works best. Her list is also growing, and the supportive community feels like having sisters.

Patricia is the founder and principal of Patricia Viscount Consulting Ltd. (pronounced VY-Count). A lifelong storyteller, she began her journey with bedtime stories to entertain her sisters. Now, she helps service providers like coaches and consultants craft engaging, authentic, on-brand strategies, website content, and email copy to attract their ideal audience.

Before starting her own business, Patricia was an Army Officer and a Communication Specialist in the energy sector. This diverse background has allowed her to translate complex jargon into easy-to-understand content.

Nikki loves how Patricia has conversations with clients, then creates brilliant testimonials for their websites, plus gathers information to craft web copy that truly highlights who they are, what they do, and who they serve, so they can attract more ideal clients.

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In This Episode:

[00:58] –  Patricia is a conversion copywriter. She creates copy that is fun, authentic, and true to the client's brand.

[01:18] –  Her proven framework includes interviewing the client and crafting compelling copy to improve rankings, share the clients strengths, and capture testimonials.

[02:13] –  The interview process and testimonials are powerful, because Patricia knows how to pull an amazing testimonial out of people.

[07:43] –  One good testimonial can be repurposed in many different ways and really maximizes your returns.

[08:24] –  Patricia has had her business for eight years. Since she joined Sales Maven Society, she has begun feeling like a CEO. She now has the confidence to stand in her power and send in her offers consistently.

[10:29] –  Patricia sent out her very first Small Business Saturday email offer and got two sales which helped increase her confidence. 

[14:40] –  Her list is now growing, and she has a brand voice quiz which is really helping. 

[16:25] –  Knowing your brand voice is crucial for success.

[18:40] –  Patricia explains how AI emails have made a former client's sales go down. Use it as a tool and make it sound like you. 

[19:44] –  The Sales Maven Society community has made Patricia feel like these women are her sisters.

[20:56] –  It's so fun to see the connections that happen in this supportive group. 

[22:48] –  If you take Patricia's quiz, let her know how it went. 


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