How To Address Competition With Prospective Clients

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When a prospect brings up a competitor, do you ever feel frustrated or even irritated?

What about when the competitor is not transparent with their offer, and it makes it look like they're offering a better deal than you? Most of us get frustrated in these situations.

It's common to want to point out all the places where the competitor is not upfront.  Yet, when you do this, you come across as defensive or even negative. And of course, we don't want our clients to think of us as negative.

Even though it's tempting to want to bash the competition, please reframe for the sake of your business, your reputation, and your relationship with the client.

Years ago, I worked for a dealer, and we had a ton of competitors in our space. Many of us carried the exact same product – manufacturer branded projectors. I remember at one point one of my competitors selling the same product for below our cost.  It didn't make any sense, how could they possibly be selling below our cost when I knew they were not buying it for less than we were. Turns out, the competitor was buying the projectors and before shipping it out to the customer, they were opening the box and taking out the lamp. Imagine today going to buy a new cell phone and getting it home only to realize the place where you bought it didn't include the phone battery.  There's no way to turn it on. It's the same thing our competition was doing with the lamps. I was outraged that the competition was being so shady. However, instead of being the one to deliver the bad news to prospects, all I had to do was turn the conversation back around to what the client would receive when they bought the product from me.

This is your Savvy Sales Tip this week. Learn how to keep your composure intact, stay positive and turn the conversation back around to what you offer clients.

Here's a quick video that outlines the process:

No need to bash your competition when you point out what you do instead. Allow your clients to be the one to compare the two offers. It will be an easy decision to do business with you when they see all they'll receive when they work with you.

Wishing you continued success this week.

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