How To Be Confident In Your Sales Offer

how to be confident

How confident are you in your product/service offerings?

Do you ever wonder if you should add, change or delete anything from your offerings? When’s the last time you took a hard look at what you’re offering clients? How about having someone else review your offerings, have you done that lately? Sales confidence is hard to find on your own. Read on for tips on how to be confident in your sales offer.

Reviewing product/service offerings is something I regularly do with clients. It’s also something I ask for support on in my own business. Most of us have blind spots when it comes to what we offer clients.

A blind spot may be that your offer only makes sense to you because you know what you mean, yet on paper, the offer is confusing. Sometimes a blind spot is only offering one version of a product/service which may limit your client base significantly. Last, one of the most detrimental blind spots is having a limiting belief about what a client would be willing to pay and therefore offering smaller packages instead of what a client really needs.

How to be confident in your sales offer:

One time, during a coaching call with a client, we were reviewing a conference she spoke at recently. This was her second year at the conference. The year before she'd booked quite a few clients from the conference and generated five figures in revenue. This year, she booked one new client and generated a few hundred dollars in revenue. It was such a dramatic drop off in revenue, something didn't add up.

As you might imagine, she was frustrated and confused with the results. I asked her to walk me through the offer. She explained it was a similar offer to last year. She then showed me her offer sheet. Taking one look at the offer sheet, I asked her if she had changed how people were to pay for her program. When we worked on her offer months ago, it was a monthly program, yet on the offer sheet, it showed the price for the whole year.

She confidently told me it was still a monthly program and even pointed to the fine print at the bottom of the sheet. Yet to the person seeing the sheet for the first time, all they saw was the yearly price point for her program. I suspect people might have had sticker shock and this caused them to not sign up for her monthly program. The offer made total sense to her because she knew people could pay on a month to month basis. However, the payment option was not communicated clearly to prospective clients.

Realizing her audience might have been confused was a lightbulb moment for her. It hadn't even occurred to her that people wouldn't know they could pay monthly. She actually said (unsolicited) at the end of our coaching call, “You have my permission to share this in your next article” in hopes that someone might learn from it. Offers have to be clear and easy to understand at a quick glance. Expecting people to read the fine print is asking for trouble.

What A Client Really Needs

Being confident when putting together your packages/programs can be challenging even for seasoned professionals.  One time I had a VIP day with an amazing client, we spent some time reviewing her offerings.

During the conversation, it became clear that a limiting belief about what people would be willing to pay was causing her to limit her product offerings. She needed to learn how to be confident in her sales offer. I challenged her to rethink the way she was making an offer to a prospective client. I encouraged her to start recommending the package her client really needed regardless of her belief about how much they'd be willing to spend. In the past, she'd often recommend the smallest package because she didn't want people to be scared away by the price point. I even encouraged her to add a package that was twice as big as anything she'd offered in the past.

Keep in mind, my advice was based on learning more about her business as well as her ideal client. We also went over the language of how to clearly lay out the offer(s) and recommendations. She implemented what we discussed and is already seeing a huge shift in her business as a result. She posted this message in a group we both participate in recently sharing how her business and mindset has changed.

My amazing client, Kara McKeage, founder of Pepper's Personal Assistants gave me permission to share her post:

how to be confident

Kara's success is absolutely deserved. I'm so incredibly honored to have played a part in her new sales mindset. There's such a greater sense of confidence in her and in the selling process.

Your Turn

There's great value in having someone with no attachment to your business review your packages as well as your mindset around selling. Having your blindspots revealed is such a gift. Being able to make adjustments so that you make it easy for your clients to get what they want/need is a simple step in taking your business to the next level.






Wishing you continued success in all areas of your business.

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