Thoughtful Communication For Connection Requests

Melina Palmer, The Brainy Business

Sales Maven podcast - how to compost thoughtful communication for connection requests with Melina Palmer

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Sales Maven Podcast, and Nikki is doing something special to thank you for listening. Her guest today is Melina Palmer of The Brainy Business podcast, Nikki's go-to podcast. Melina is an amazing person, a brilliant business owner, and Nikki's favorite podcaster of all time. Join these two as they discuss how to compose thoughtful communication for connection requests. 

Nikki and Melina discuss what you should and shouldn't do when sending emails to someone you really want to connect with. Instead of sending a canned email to hundreds of people, concentrate on sending one to a few to people that you feel will be a good connection for you, that you want to learn from, and pay attention to the details of the email and make sure your language is on par.

“Your message and your communication with people should be thoughtful.” Pay attention to the words you use, what you say, and what others read can be taken differently. It's your job when sending a communication to make it useful for the person you are sending it to. Read your messages from the reader's perspective; it will pay dividends in so many ways.

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In This Episode: Thoughtful Communication

[02:01] Welcome to the show, Melina!

[03:45] Melina shares about her background, her business, and her podcast.

[06:46] Nikki talks about what she loves about Melina's podcast.

[08:34] Melina says the things that come naturally to you are the things that set you apart from everyone else.

[10:39] Then, Melina speaks about teaching at Texas A&M.

[12:43] Melina learned relationship selling from Nikki.

[15:35] Melina shares an example of a bad email she received.

[17:41] Nikki says it was a missed opportunity to build rapport and had no authenticity.

[19:11] Melina talks about her podcast's full name and how clear it is when people haven't listened to her show.

[21:21] Nikki says, pay attention, stop buying lists; they give you bad information.

[23:26] Melina thinks that sending a thoughtful message to five is much better than sending a hundred spam emails to the world.

[26:10] Nikki calls this the shotgun approach to sales.

[27:33] Nikki talks about an email she received this week.

[28:28] Melina says that she gets a dozen podcast interview pitches constantly.

[31:19] Nikki shares an Ad she received she wants to pick Melina's brain about.

[34:23] Melina speaks about an Ad she also received.

[37:30] Ask them to take a step; if they are serious, they will do it.

[39:29] Your messages and your communication with people should be thoughtful.

[41:30] Melina shares an email she received from her boss when she was in corporate.

[43:12] Nikki suggests you read your messages from the reader's perspective.

[46:28] Melina, thank you so much for being here and celebrating with Nikki.

[48:24] Nikki shares her question of the week.

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