How To Explain Your Business Pivot To Clients

Cori Myka, Orca Swim School

Sales Maven Podcast - How to explains your business pivot to clients with Cori Myka

Nikki's guest today is Cori Myka, a member of the Sales Maven Society and a former VIP client.

Cori is the owner of the Orca Swim School, an online program that lays the foundation of learning and change for adult non-swimmers that starts before they get to the pool. Cori needs Nikki's help to show the Orca Swim School clients her business pivot and how she can help them in her new offering as a life coach, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven podcast.

“Mindset is the key,” Nikki suggests using language that shows how the process they used to overcome the fear of swimming can be used in other aspects of their lives. Cori defines life coaching as taking people through a process to figure out how the individual steps happen. 

Nikki wants Cori to think about planting seeds when she has the opportunity, make connections for people, put a structure together that she can teach without giving a ton of how and a lot of the what. Nikki also wants Cori to continue to put herself out there and find ways to inspire her instructors to get onboard with planting seeds about life coaching.

Business Pivot Continued…

Cori believes the benefits she receives from being part of the Sales Maven Society are being able to check in with the amazing people in the group and how Nikki makes her feel genuinely welcome, cared for, and seen in the society. Are you ready to connect with amazing professionals?

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In This Episode: Business Pivot

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Cori!

[01:26] Cori shares about her businesses and what she does.

[03:47] Cori loves the feeling of helping people when they are facing challenges.

[05:18] 46% of people don't know how to swim or are afraid of the water.

[07:38] What other areas in a person's life would they benefit from working with you?

[10:30] Cori shares why she needs Nikki's help.

[12:03] Nikki shares some suggestions on using the language in the testimonials she already has.

[14:16] Maybe promoting the idea of overcoming fear in other aspects of their lives, not just from swimming.

[16:22] Nikki says to break it down and plant the seeds around the process.

[17:24] Nikki loves structure and loves to teach the structure of the step-by-step approach.

[19:31] Cori likes the idea of education or reminding the people that it is a process.

[20:30] Nikki shares some language that Cori can use.

[22:24] Then, Nikki suggests giving Cori's swim instructors incentives to plant seeds about the life coaching program.

[24:35] Nikki discusses ways to get Cori's message out to expand her visibility.

[26:50] Sometimes, we dream way too small.

[28:08] Nikki recaps what she wants Cori to do.

[29:44] Cori shares some benefits of being a part of The Sales Maven Society.

[34:07] Thank you for being on the show!

[35:02] Nikki shares the question she wants you to ask someone.

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