How To Fill Your Small Group Program Using A Buddy Pass: An On-Air Coaching Call

With Nancy Linnerooth

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Entrepreneurs managing a community program know that networking a small group is a natural strategy to fill spots. The expert touch is knowing that not all networking groups are created equal.

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. You will discover methods to place yourself near an audience where you can both give and receive the most value. Today you will learn how to track your communication, identify strong small group networking opportunities, and build extra offers to increase profits and referrals on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Today’s on-air coaching call is with Nancy Linnerooth, a member of the Sales Maven Society. Nancy attended Harvard Law School, followed by nine years as a lawyer in Chicago, IL. She found that something else was calling out to her, so she decided to go back to school for a degree in therapy. Nancy worked as a therapist for seventeen years, alongside getting into Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, “Tapping”).

Nancy says everything began when she noticed that people knew what they had to do to move toward their goals, yet the same people couldn’t get themselves to take any action. Because of this, she brought EFT to her clients, saw results, and focused her business on that value. She saw that she could help people step away from procrastination, avoidance, and self-sabotage. Nancy intends to guide entrepreneurs, especially women, to get rid of “subconscious gunk” that holds them back from making more money, getting more visible, and having a larger impact.

For this call, Nancy asks for advice on filling her small group community program with more women entrepreneurs, so they can have access to her valuable training.

She’s already a pro at networking, which opens the conversation to take a deeper look at refining an approach to networking. Advice is given for finding the right exposure to a networking group and exploring how to create a systemized offer that increases business.

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In This Episode:

[00:43] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[01:20] – Nancy tells the story of how she found the focus of her business.

[03:46] – Then, Nancy explains the tricky part about mindset blocks.

[05:27] – Releasing mindset blocks can free people up to do more. Nancy mentions the most common blocks among business women.

[08:27] – Using the MVP guide, Nancy talks through real life examples of subconscious triggers and how to address the root concern.

[11:21] – Nikki shares her own experience of being able to talk about her relationship with money.

[13:49] – Does Nancy have different ways to work with and interact with her service?

[15:09] – What does Nancy want coaching on?

[16:35] – Nikki suggests Nancy track back and track forward to assess the communication around the transition of her relationships with her current community.

[18:40] – Not all networking groups are created equal. How can someone get exposure to the most fitting audience?

[21:07] – Explore packaging extra services as a benefit to the audience to attract more clients and increase referrals.

[23:49] – Then, Nikki explains why exploring options is a way to create a systemized offer that increases business.

[26:03] – When should entrepreneurs personally reach out, automate outreach, or promote on social media platforms?

[29:03] – Here are the checkpoints to remember when filling a small groups community program offer.

[31:56] – Nancy says the access to coaching is one of the best benefits of being part of the Sales Maven Society.

[33:47] – Then, Nancy gives a generous gift to all the listeners to start unraveling mindset blocks.

[35:35] – This is the question to add to sales calls to build rapport, uncover, and reaffirm.

[37:35] – Thank you for listening. So grateful you are here!


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