How To Find Your Niche In Business

On-Air Coaching With Dr. Carol Wheeler

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Have you ever had a client you absolutely loved working with?

Working with them simply flowed, and you were able to create a significant impact in their work. If you can pinpoint what you loved about working with them, you can develop a strategy to niche down and attract more of those clients.

Your very own Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch, is here to offer tips, techniques, and strategies to master your sales conversations. Discover methods to place yourself in the position to thrive in business and produce true value for your audience. Today, Dr. Carol Wheeler brings up questions about how to find your niche in business in an on-air coaching call on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Dr. Carol Wheeler holds a PhD in Leadership Education and is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach with over 25 years of experience working with leaders and teams. She is the founder of NopaLeadership, helping to bring out the best in people through empowered leadership. Individuals and teams hire Carol to increase their productivity, teamwork, commitment and overall impact resulting in improved client relationships, teamwork, and revenue growth. Through Strengths-based leadership training and executive coaching her clients are able to build team commitment and collaboration with less conflict at work.

In today’s episode, Nikki and Dr. Carol talk about discovering the work you want to do more consistently to find your niche.

Dr. Carol has success helping leaders and teams leverage their strengths. Her services work with a wide range of people, and now she wants to narrow her focus to who she believes she can work with best. Listen as Nikki and Dr. Carol talk about improving business impact by finding the niche you work best with.

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In This Episode:

[00:27] – Welcome, and thank you for listening!

[00:50] – Dr. Carol Wheeler helps you bring out the best by leveraging everyone’s individual talents.

[02:41] – What is the CliftonStrengths assessment?

[05:01] – Dr. Carol explains what you do once you learn your strengths.

[07:05] – Dr. Carol talks about how knowing individual strengths can help teams see different perspectives during conflicts.

[09:05] – Where can people take the CliftonStrengths assessment?

[11:16] – How can entrepreneurs find their ideal clients?

[14:14] – Dr. Carol reflects on the patterns she noticed of clients she loved working with.

[17:00] – Shared networks and referrals can lead to ideal clients. 

[18:57] – You can give potential clients a preview of working with you through your own content or events on a relevant industry topic.

[21:58] – “Get the clients in the door.”

[24:05] – Dr. Carol says she learned a lot by observing the content and beautiful interactions within the Sales Maven Society.

[25:54] – Thank you for listening. Nikki is so grateful you are here!

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