How To Get Away From Doing Customized Offers

An On-Air Coaching Call With Melanie Richards, Modern Traction

Sales maven podcast - how to get away from doing customized offers with Melanie Richards


Do customized offers take more of your time than you like?

On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki is working with Melanie Richards. Melanie runs a company called Modern Traction, a web agency that specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and thought leaders transform their brand and online presence. Melanie wants to offer more options to her clients, but she is worried that her scalable, quicker, easier, and the more cost-effective option will pull clients away from her more expensive customized package. So how do you handle these customized offers?

Nikki shares that the way you ask questions during the discovery call will help clients self-identify which package they need. Melanie believes that her scalable package is priced for an easy yes, and Nikki suggests an à la carte type menu with a package type discount so they can add options they may not have thought of.

Do you think about your target audience and the kind of packages they are selling?

Listen as Nikki discusses package pricing and how to know if you are pricing yourself reasonably or underpricing your offers. Nikki also believes that the questions you ask on your intake form should only be the questions you need to earn their business and shouldn't take more than five minutes to answer because anymore can be irritating.

Melanie says that the Sales Maven Society's training is so spot on that it has given her the structure to have a smooth conversation with prospective clients. When she has questions on small things, the feedback from the group is so valuable. Are you ready to join the society? Now is your chance!

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In This Episode: Customized Offers

[01:04] Melanie, welcome to the show!

[01:38] Melanie shares her background and what she wants to accomplish.

[03:04] Then, Melanie discusses what she needs Nikki's support with today.

[05:20] Nikki believes that having customized packages available to clients should be considered a top-tier package.

[07:11] Nikki gives Melanie language for when she is discussing her packages with clients.

[09:22] Melanie discusses what is included in her packages by tiers.

[10:29] Nikki likes to do top-down selling, starting at the top, sharing the benefits, and working your way down to the bottom tier.

[12:02] How you ask your questions will help your client self-identify which tier they fit in.

[13:22] Melanie shares what she wants out of her business.

[14:24] Nikki believes that it is how you frame the question during the discovery call and shares some language Melanie can use.

[17:11] Melanie details her packages, what's included, and the price she has on each.

[19:00] Nikki suggests an à la carte type menu with a package type discount so they can add options they may not have thought of.

[21:52] Melanie shares her approach with her clients.

[23:01] Nikki says Melanie has to figure out how many clients she wants per month and offer packages that fit into that.

[25:21] Melanie feels like her scalable package is priced for an easy yes.

[27:23] Nikki shares that in her business, she has found that the more she charges, the better the results because they take it more seriously.

[29:06] Melanie shares her pricing and asks Nikki if they are reasonable.

[30:01] Nikki speaks about her rule on selling when she feels like a package is underpriced.

[32:14] Think about your target audience and coaches; what kind of packages are they selling? 

[34:44] Melanie talks about updating her initial intake forms; only ask the questions you need to earn their business.

[36:20] What is your biggest takeaway today? What from this conversation can you implement today?

[38:11] Melanie shares one benefit she has received from being part of the Sales Maven Society.

[39:46] Thank you for being on the show!



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