How To Get Paid For Services Clients Get For Free

Heather Craig, Thriving Waves Financial

Sales Maven Podcast-how to get paid for services your clients are getting for free

Have you reached a point where you realize you give way too much to your clients for free?

Listen to Nikki's on-air coaching call with Heather Craig, a Sales Maven Society member and the owner of Thriving Waves Financial on how to get paid for the services your clients are getting for free. Heather needs Nikki's help to transition the clients she has had for a while at a lower rate into the new pricing structure that is higher for the services they already receive.

Heather discusses moving into a subscription model and updating her packages, so she is less likely to give so much information away for free. Nikki suggested that she first communicate with clients who ask questions that aren't part of their packages about the updated package prices. This is a good first step in how to get paid for services your clients are used to getting for free. 

Nikki also addresses what to do about the clients that won't be happy with the new rates, and she shares a story about a time when she had to charge for services that some clients thought were free. Then, Nikki speaks about possibly having a fifteen-minute option for clients that didn't want to level up to a new package.

Lastly, Heather shares that her favorite part of being a member of the Sales Maven Society is that anyone can post questions and get recommendations from Nikki and anyone else from the group. Nikki gives the best advice and thinks of things that aren't even on most people's radar. If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to listen when Nikki speaks.

In This Episode

[01:10] Welcome to the show, Heather!

[01:20] Heather shares a little about her business.

[02:25] She says that a holistic and natural lifestyle is important to her; therefore, she understands her client's business.

[03:27] Heather shares what she needs Nikki's support with.

[04:14] Heather wants to move into a more subscription-based model.

[05:48] Nikki has some more questions so she can get a better grasp of the situation.

[07:02] Heather speaks more about the subscription model she is thinking about.

More on how to get paid for services your clients get for free…

[08:01] The first thing Nikki suggests is that Heather communicates with her clients about her new packages when they ask her questions.

[09:18] You need to start planting seeds.

[10:17] Nikki shares some ways Heather can start a conversation with her clients.

[12:05] Then, Nikki speaks about ways to keep the clients she has now at a rate that doesn't scare them away.

[14:17] Next, Nikki shares a story about when she informed some clients that going forward, they would have to pay for the services they were getting for free.

[17:04]Then, Nikki speaks about a 15 min offer that she could introduce.

[19:42] Nikki says that Heather needs to write up what she wants to say and then post it in the group to get help with the language.

[21:47] What one benefit have you received from being a part of the Sales Maven Society?

[23:24] Thank you for being on the show!


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