How To Get Your Product Mainstream With Limited Time And Resources

Kateri Gabriele & Roxanne Holthaus, Sim2Grow

Sales Maven Podcast-how to get your product mainstream

Listen to Nikki's on-air coaching call about product mainstream with Kateri Gabriele, a Sales Maven Society member, and her business partner Roxanne Holhous.

Kateri and Roxanne are both lifelong nurses and saw an opportunity to go into business together. They call their business Sim2Grow, its simulated medication administration training system, intended for nursing schools.

Kateri and Roxanne need Nikki's help with creating a strategy for sales consistency throughout the year. Selling anything in the education market is determined by their buying cycle, so Nikki suggests using a subscription model to keep money flowing year around. Because their current model sets them apart with the original product, they think the subscription model would work best on any other offers they might have for other products.

More on product mainstream…

Nikki also discusses having another offer separate from the original sale, and she encourages them to have some virtual demonstration training programs consistently every month. Nikki speaks about rep firms and explains what they do and how they can be the lead generators while Kateri and Roxanne hold down full-time nursing jobs.

Kateri shares that one benefit of being a member of the Sales Maven Society is the broad range of ways Nikki shares sales strategies. She loves the support on Facebook from other members and that Nikki stays in contact, answers questions, and asks questions.

Again, Nikki's vast experience comes into play and blows her guest's minds. Nikki gave some suggestions that Kateri and Roxanne had never heard of, but they are excited to try. Nikki gives the best sales tips and tricks, so believe me, you don't want to miss any episodes of the Sales Maven Show.

In This Episode:

[01:16] First, welcome to the show, Kateri and Roxanne!

[01:35] Kateri shares where she and Roxanne met.

[01:53] Then, Roxanne speaks about the business they created together.

[03:36] Listen as Roxanne asks Nikki for help to build a strategy for consistency with sales.

[04:24] Then, Nikki shares that education has a buying cycle.

[06:06] Next, Kateri speaks about some virtual training programs they have had recently.

[07:03] Nikki encourages them to show their product constantly monthly or even weekly.

[08:33] Then, Nikki says that it's ok to keep inviting people who said no in case things change for them.

[09:05] Nikki discusses using a subscription model that would allow for recurring payment structure.

[10:04] Kateri thinks since their product is a one time purchase, the subscription model might not work.

[11:38] Nikki asks what else they could provide to let nurses get continuing education separate from the original sale.

More on product mainstream…

[12:44] Kateri shares they have been contemplating an inventory system that might be good as a subscription model.

[14:55] Roxanne speaks about their sales process.

[16:03] Next, Nikki discusses working rep firms because of the relationships they have.

[18:24] Kateri has considered reaching out to vendors, but she had never heard of rep firms.

[19:29] Nikki shares more about rep firms and how they set up appointments.

[21:51] Roxanne speaks about the audience at a nursing education conference and how they don't always pay attention.

[24:20] Nikki speaks about ways to find a good rep firm.

[25:50] Then, Nikki discusses a dealership model or a distribution model, which might be another road they could go down.

[28:41] Roxanne shares that it's a challenge because they fear letting it go.

[30:06] What is the outcome you want to have happen?

[31:08] Then, they acknowledge that they need to figure out the best model to help them grow the business.

[32:04] Last, Kateri shares one benefit that she receives from being a part of the Sales Maven Society.

[34:08] Thank you, ladies, for being on the show!


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