How To Gracefully Help Clients Get To The Point

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When’s the last time you were working with a client and they were so caught up in telling you the story behind their question that you ran out of time?

Nikki shares some tips and techniques on helping prospects and clients get to the point quickly and succinctly so that you can focus on the things they need your support for. You can also use this as a technique to help you wrap up a conversation. Nikki shares that this particular technique and the language structure she gives today around this topic is because we are all struggling to find time. So listen for Nikki’s strategies plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show

How you say something is almost more important than what you actually say. Make sure you don’t use an aggressive tone when asking them if they would be willing to share the three most important things they need support with today. Getting clarity on what the client needs can help move the conversation along when they get wrapped up in the story they are sharing.

Nikki is sharing this get to the point technique today in hopes that it will be a great rapport builder with your clients.

Also, it will be a way for you to have more clarity on how to interrupt gracefully and direct conversation for the sake of time and so that you can deliver on what you promised to somebody. She is doing a deeper dive into this topic in the Sales Maven Society and if you are not already a member, Nikki would love to see you there.

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In This Episode: Help Clients Get To The Point

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[03:10] Nikki shares why she believes this topic can be a little controversial.

[04:08] Relationship first, rapport always.

[05:56] Do you hate to be late for anything?

[07:54] Nikki speaks about the ‘in time’ people.

[09:43] Then, Nikki shares the question of the week and digs into it.

[12:14] Nikki gives a softer language you can use to redirect someone.

[14:24] Listen, as Nikki talks about another thing to say if you have limited time.

[16:15] This is a technique Nikki has used many times while still keeping the rapport with her clients.

[17:44] Nikki will share a deeper dive into this subject in the Sales Maven Society, so if you aren’t a member, what’s stopping you?

[19:28] Thank you so much for listening!


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