How To Make Your Consultation Calls Easier

Feat. Julie Fry, Your Expert Guest

Sales Maven Podcast-How to make your consultation calls easier

Do you find that your consultation/discovery calls are the hardest part of the sales process?

This episode is an on-air coaching call with one of Nikki’s good friends, a longtime accountability partner, and a Sales Maven Society member, Julie Fry. Julie needs some support around her consultation/discovery calls and how to have the most successful outcome possible.

Julie shares about her company called Your Expert Guest, which helps you leverage podcast guesting to grow your business. Nikki shares some questions she believes Julie should ask during her discovery calls and reminds her to never coach during a discovery call because you can potentially lose clients.

How To Make Your Consultation Calls Easier

Would you rather invest time or money into accomplishing your goal? Nikki believes that many entrepreneurs that offer discovery calls do not ask the right questions, which can keep you from getting to the meat of what the client is needing. Every question that is asked is a way to lead the client down a path to hiring you, so you need to be strategic in what you ask.

Julie speaks about some benefits she has received from being a member of the Sales Maven Society. The quality of people that are members and the way Nikki goes above and beyond serving her members. Julie says that if you aren’t a member, you should be. Nikki works her magic and gives us all insights into what we can do to make our discovery calls better and more successful.

In This Episode:

[01:10] Welcome to the show, Julie!

[01:37] Julie shares a little about her background and new business.

[03:34] Julie discusses the new company that she recently launched.

[04:22] Nikki says that podcast guesting is the number one source of new leads.

[06:52] Julie would like Nikki’s help to make sure she is framing what she is doing on her website correctly and help with the discovery call process.

[08:08] Are you using the podcast guest assessment call as a discovery call?

[10:32] You don’t want to coach during a discovery call.

[12:21] Nikki suggests that you pre-frame the reason for the call.

[13:46] Nikki shares some questions she feels Julie should ask during the discovery call.

[16:10] Do you already know how to leverage your network for connections to potential podcast hosts?

[17:23] Nikki says that the questions she suggests are all about leading them down the path to hiring you.

[19:50] It’s been Nikki’s experience that many entrepreneurs that are offering a discovery are not asking the right questions.

[22:01] Julie shares that people who have booked strategy sessions with her are people who have heard what she does or received an introductory email.

[24:31] Thank you so much, Julie, for being on the show!

[24:50] Julie shares the benefits she has received from being a Sales Maven Society member.

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