Recognition: How To Make Your Shoutouts Count


How often do you take the opportunity to recognize a business/entrepreneur who you appreciate?

Maybe you do this on social media or maybe you do it when in conversation with another person. Are you using these opportunities to establish your own credibility at the same time? Recognition is huge in sales!

Recognition is something most businesses/entrepreneurs need in order to grow. However, from time to time I run across someone who is uncomfortable with the word “Recognition”. Some people interpret it as being boastful, full of one’s self or even narcissistic. 

But, Recognition is actually an opportunity to highlight the good and/or positive impact being made on others. Many of the business owners I know started their businesses because they felt called to be of service to others in some way. With that definition, who do you know that deserves recognition and how can you ensure you’re giving it in a way that counts?

Recognition: Making It Count

One of the often missed ways to recognize an entrepreneur is to give the name of the person as well as the name of their business. People quote others and share things they’ve learned from someone but they rarely mention the business name.  This is a missed opportunity to give proper recognition. 

Another key downside is you are teaching those around you to do the same when they’re quoting your work or sharing about what you offer. Wouldn’t you rather they give a shout out to you as well as share your business name in case the person hearing/reading about you is interested in learning more?

You Know What They Say About Assumptions

Even when you think the other person knows who you’re referring to, it’s worth it to take the extra step.

Here are two examples. Which do you think has more impact?

Example 1

“My friend Julie runs a successful networking group and has an upcoming conference that I attend every year because it offers so much value for women in business.”

Example 2

“My friend, Julie Fry of Business Among Moms, a successful networking group has her upcoming 5th Annual BAM Success Summit on May 18th in Bellevue, WA.  I attend every year because it always offers a tremendous amount of value for my business.”

Which of these two examples might be more valuable to Julie and her business?  Chances are if you asked her, she’d prefer Example 2.  How about you? If I was talking about your business, which example would you prefer? 

Be The Example Of Doing It Well

You are a walking/talking example of how people should talk to you and about you. Be sure you're talking about others in a way that benefits them and their business. If you're leaving out the business name or not making a deeper connection, its a missed opportunity for you as well as for the business you're discussing. So, stand out from the crowd and give recognition in a way that counts for the other person/business.

People often hear me reference my most valuable relationships. This is because I make a point of calling out their business name when I'm recognizing someone. So, you'll hear me do it when coaching, being interviewed on podcasts, or even in casual conversations. It's important that others can easily find their way to these people when they need them.

Here are a few (and I mean just a few) of my favorite people & their businesses:

  • Julie Fry – Business Among Moms (an amazing networking group/community of women business owners, Julie herself is the most influential person I know in the Seattle area as well as being the most authentic – she is AMAZING on so many levels)
  • Melina Palmer – The Brainy Business Podcast (my favorite podcast – it's packed full of useful information to grow your business, Melina is one of the smartest people I know as well as a favorite person of mine)
  • Shane & Jocelyn Sams – Flipped Lifestyle (THE experts at building an online business as well as being some of the most genuine people around)
  • Natalie Eckdahl – Biz Chix (Founder of an amazing Podcast – Biz Chix Podcast, Community Builder & Leader as well the best business coach I've ever worked with – she's something extra special)
  • Zee Worstall – Cumuli Learning Platforms (membership platform builder extraordinaire as well as an invaluable resource for much more than membership sites and a trusted friend)
  • Nikki Closser – Nikki Closser Photography (Hands down THE best photographer in the Seattle area. Nikki does everything from beautiful branding photos to photos you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet)
  • Lisa Fischer – Lisa Fischer Styling (Lisa knows how to build confidence through your wardrobe, she's brilliant at what she does as well as being a kind and loving soul – you'll likely never meet someone who pours out more love than this woman)

Who are your people and how are you recognizing them? Take the time to give them the full recognition they deserve.

Wishing you continued success in all of your connections.

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