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how to not suck at sales

How To Not Suck At Sales With These Tips

Have you ever said to yourself or someone else, “I suck at sales”? This is one of the most common things women say to Katie Krimitsos, the host of Biz Women Rock Podcast.

So, she asked me to come on and walk listeners through the steps to successfully selling to their clients.

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During our interview about how to not suck at sales, we discuss…

• How we can tweak our language from “selling” our services or products to inviting them to find out more.
• The entire discovery call process and tips to optimize it
* The biggest mistake people make during the discovery call
• The anatomy of a good CLOSE so you can get paid
• What to do when someone tells you they’ll “think about it.”

You'll receive practical tips that you will be able to implement right away!

And, get your free ebook, Closing the Sale, which will give you the language you need to…well…close the sale.

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