How to Not Word Vomit On People

How to not word vomit on people Sales Maven Podcast with Nikki Rausch

“When you get strategic in your sales conversation, the sale gets so much easier for you.”

Listen, as Nikki discusses how to not word vomit on potential clients, what to do instead, how to create curiosity without dog calling energy, and much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

“The object of sales is to make the experience amazing for the person who you want to earn their business.” Nikki shares signs that you are talking too much to a potential client, she talks about an incident where her husband was subject to this, how he reacted, and ways to get out of that place of oversharing.

More on word vomit…

Nikki believes that you must manage your internal state of mind before getting on a call and be willing to pay attention to the other person's cues. She gives you some questions you can ask the potential client that will clue you into where they are and you can always stop talking if you feel you are oversharing. No more word vomit. 

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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[00:58] Nikki discusses the topic of today's show.

[02:29] Word vomit often comes when people are trying to create curiosity.

[04:33] Nikki shares that it's easier to make sales when you don't talk so much.

[05:14] Nikki discusses the signs that someone is getting word vomited on.

[05:47] To earn someone's business, you don't have to tell them all the things.

[06:55] Do you feel it's important for a prospect to know your story to earn their business?

[08:38] If people are checking the time, you might have word vomited a bit.

[09:51] Nikki shares a story about her husband and a contractor.

[12:49] Nikki speaks about a contractor telling her husband all the things that could be wrong and why.

[15:29] When people start doing the uh, huh, you could be word vomiting.

[18:37] Nikki says the amount of word vomiting tickled her and her husband.

[20:21] Nikki shares what you can do when you get to a place of oversharing.

[20:48] Manage your internal state of mind before you get on the call.

[21:41] Be willing to pay attention to the other person if they are giving you a cue.

[22:07] “How are we doing so far?” is a question that Nikki asks so she can figure out what the person is thinking about.

[23:02] Nikki shares another question you can ask.

[23:30] You can stop talking if you think you are talking too much.

[24:16] Thank you so much for listening to the show!

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