How to Pivot Your Business Without Losing Clients

Feat. Lindsey Johnson, Verity & Co

Sales Maven Podcast-how to pivot your business without losing clients

Have you ever needed to pivot your business because you wanted to niche down, stop doing all the things right, and do a few things amazingly well? 

In today’s episode, Nikki is having an online coaching call with Lindsey Johnson, a member of her Sales Maven Society. Lindsey’s company is Verity & Co, where she helps women business owners feel confident in the marketing messages that they put out. They discuss how to pivot your business.

Nikki shares her insight into Lindsey’s question of how to communicate the pivot her company is making into copywriting alone. Nikki shares how to keep Lindsey from losing the rapport she has with the people who follow her and tells her why she shouldn’t use her story as a reason for the change she is making. They also speak about free training that Lindsey could put out that would get people thinking about copy.

Listen as Nikki describes what a next step offer should look like, why it is so essential for you to make it easy for people to buy from you because easy is the thing or service that is in front of them and you always want them to take the next step from you. Lindsey says that the best thing about being a member of the Sales Maven Society is the Facebook group and the people who she gets to interact with every day.

Lindsey shares where to find her free training called ‘Five Writing Strategies to Win Your Dream Clients’ and describes what you will learn. Nikki will blow you away with her answers to Linsey’s questions; believe me, they are not something you would just know. Every episode of this podcast has so much value that if you have missed any of them, you really need to go back and listen.

In This Episode:

[01:08] Lindsey, welcome to the show!

[01:18] Lindsey shares a little about her business.

[01:57] How can Nikki support you today?

[03:16] Nikki speaks to Lindsey about the question she has around communicating with her clients, the need to niche down and only do copywriting.

[05:48] How can she keep from losing rapport with people who follow her now?

[07:00] Nikki shares what to say to potential clients that want what she used to offer.

[09:24] You don’t have to use your story as a reason to pick apart your decision.

[10:52] Lindsey, what was the free training you offered?

[12:00] Nikki believes that she should put that training out to her community and have a next step offer.

[13:00] Nikki describes what a next step offer should be.

[14:50] When you make it easy for people to buy from you, they will.

[15:56] Does the absence of an effortless next step prolong the sales process so much that people will not go through the levels?

[18:56] You have to make it so easy for people to always take the next step with you.

[19:56] Lindsey shares her favorite part of being a member of the Sales Maven Society.

[22:22] Thank you so much for being here and listening about how to pivot your business!


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