How To Prepare For Difficult Conversations

A Sales Success Story With Faithann Basore

difficult conversations

Today’s guest was on the show before, back in episode 157, and your host, Nikki Rausch, is so thrilled to have her back!

Join her as she catches up with Faithann Basore, a valued member of the Sales Maven Society, to share her latest success story on how to prepare for difficult conversations in this latest episode of the Sales Maven Podcast.

Faithann and her husband Dave have owned Window Cleaning Plus (WCP) for nine years. Growing WCP through networking has given Faithann the desire to guide other small business owners through the networking terrain so that they can feel comfortable and build long-lasting relationships in their business.

She reveals her recent ventures into networking coaching, inspired by Nikki's teachings on effective communication. Faithann also dives into the importance of crafting compelling elevator pitches that focus on sparking curiosity and painting vivid pictures rather than listing services.

She shares insights into her own experiences, including a challenging encounter with a car dealership client and how she used NLP techniques to manage her state during difficult conversations, maintaining her integrity and composure.

Nikki and Faithann discuss the significance of resilience and mindset in navigating business challenges, emphasizing the value of learning from setbacks and implementing changes for success in the future. Faithann also offers practical advice for fellow entrepreneurs on maximizing the benefits of Sales Maven Society training through intentional scheduling and commitment.

Tune in to gain valuable strategies for enhancing your networking skills, managing challenging client interactions and having difficult conversations, and leveraging mindset techniques to thrive in business!

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In This Episode:

[00:27] – Nikki is welcoming Faithann Basore back to the show!

[01:41] – Faithann provides a recent success story, having ventured into networking coaching.

[03:40] – Faithann is focusing on refining elevator pitches and offers consultations on effective networking strategies.

[07:03] – Learn about a particular technique that Faithann has implemented that has led to success.

[10:50] – Faithann reflects on having maintained integrity amid adversity with a car dealership, despite unfair accusations.

[13:43] – Nikki emphasizes managing one’s emotional reactions to maintain composure in difficult conversations.

[16:22] – Nikki expresses appreciation for the time taken to access inner composure, comparing it to handling strong winds.

[17:52] – Nikki further emphasizes that building resilience involves facing challenges to strengthen oneself for future challenges.

[20:13] – Accepting the inability to convince someone doesn't diminish your worth.

[23:00] – Faithann reveals an important lesson learned: to get estimates signed by the decision-maker to avoid misunderstandings and assumptions!

[24:09] – When situations don't yield desired results, reflecting on lessons learned fosters growth.

[26:08] – Faithann reveals the URL of her website.


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