How To Renegotiate A Contract

Dina Pruitt, D2 Strategic

Sales Maven Podcast- How to renegotiate a sales contract

Are you having trouble speaking to your clients about a contract renewal at a higher rate?

Listen to Nikki's on-air coaching call with Dina Pruitt, one of our brilliant members of the Sales Maven Society. Dina is the owner of D2 Strategic. She is a Facebook and Instagram Ads strategist and a self-proclaimed Google Analytics nerd. If you have been struggling with how to renegotiate a contract with your sales clients, this is a great place to start!

Dina shares that she needs support around how to communicate with her existing clients. Her new clients have an initial three-month contract with her, and she wants to know how to negotiate a new contract with them and the language to use when she is speaking to them about a rate increase.

More on how to renegotiate a contract…

Nikki says that one way to approach a client when negotiating a new contract is to make it a statement of fact and be confident. Know your clients' preferred way of contact and use it to communicate the need to speak with them for a few minutes about transitioning into a new contract. List the advantages of signing a six-month contract over a three month if you would like to transition them to a longer contract. Knowing how to renegotiate a contract is hard. Nikki expertly walks you through it seamlessly. 

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This Episode:

[01:04] Welcome to the show, Dina!

[01:27] Dina shares a little about herself and her business.

[04:16] Dina speaks her difficulty in speaking to her customers about a rate increase.

[05:58] Nikki discusses the way to approach this conversation on how to renegotiate a contract with a client.

[07:50] Nikki speaks about two studies that she read around this topic.

[08:52] When negotiating a new contract, make it a statement of fact.

[10:04] Nikki shares that stepping up a client is another way to do this.

[12:25] Nikki speaks about the way to position the idea of signing a six-month contract versus a three-month contract.

[13:39] Dina's follow-up question is how to begin the conversation with her client?

[14:41] It's better to have it as a live conversation back and forth with the client.

[16:31] Nikki speaks about the correct way to set up a conversation with a client.

[18:42] Nikki shares the language to move a month-to-month client to a contracted client.

[20:51] Dina says that a benefit for her of being part of the Sales Maven Society is the video resource course library. 

[22:57] They discuss the way they first got connected.

[24:49] Nikki speaks about how touched she was when Dina became a lifetime member of the Sales Maven Society.

[25:33] Dina shares that you can sign up to download three free reports that you should look at to track and measure your marketing ROI, go to to sign up.

[25:50] Nikki is offering a trial to become a member of the Sales Maven Society at $47 for your first month. Use code 47trial at

[27:22] Thank you for being on the show!


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