How To Sell Your Services By Creating Curiosity

Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her

How to sell your services by creating curiosity with Tresa Leftenant

Are conversations around how to sell your services difficult for you?

Listen to Nikki’s on-air coaching call with Tresa Leftenant, a Sales Maven Society member and the Founder of Reinventing Her Money and the Author of Reinventing Her: Helping Women Plan, Pursue and Capitalize on Their Next Chapter. Professional women hire Tresa to gain the right knowledge and confidence to overcome the unique challenges facing women as they pursue financial independence.

Tresa needs Nikki's help thinking differently about selling because she feels like she has a mindset about selling that is getting in her way. Nikki says that it is very common with women that have a passion for what they do and are good at it to feel uncomfortable with sales. Nikki believes that if Tresa gets better at sales, it will further her mission and help her attract her ideal clients.

More about how to sell your services…

Tresa is having issues with her conversation around selling a service. Nikki believes that Tresa needs to start at step two on the selling staircase and create curiosity when talking to people in her networks. Nikki also wants her to identify the handful of clients she wants to focus on and put herself into situations where she will have conversations with them and plant seeds about the services and bundles she offers. 

Do you know how to plant seeds of curiosity when having a conversation? Listen, as Nikki discusses setting some time each week to think of curiosity, creating answers to standard questions, and using the answers anytime you can. Nikki believes that she gets to work with amazing clients and has the best time ever because she consciously practices having curiosity creating responses to standard questions.

If you can manage your state ahead of time, then you handle situations that arise that are unexpected with more ease and increase your confidence level. Stand in your credibility by being congruent and speaking powerfully about who you are, what you know, and who you serve.

In This Episode:

[01:06] Welcome to the show, Tresa!

[01:28] Tresa shares her background in the financial services industry.

[03:18] Nikki is happy that Tresa is showing women how to manage their money.

[04:07] Tresa discusses what she needs Nikki's help with.

[05:15] Nikki shares that it's very common for women to feel weird around selling.

[06:09] Being better with sales will further Tresa's mission and attract her ideal clients.

[07:35] Tresa wants help with her conversation around selling a service.

[08:18] Nikki wants Tresa to focus on step two on the selling staircase, which creates curiosity.

[09:20] Then, Nikki shares an example of planting seeds of curiosity.

[10:48] Next, Nikki talks about how important the well-done discovery call is, so you know what the client needs.

[12:07] Speak their language, know what is important to them, and address their needs.

[13:46] Tresa says what's resonating with her is the work required before talking to prospects.

[14:51] Nikki recommends that you set some time to think of potential curiosity creating answers to questions.

[15:49] There is time-released learning with what Nikki teaches.

[17:43] Nikki says to keep your answers relevant around whatever you are selling.

How to sell your services continued…

[20:06] Tresa shares that she has two meetings coming up this week, that she will map out how to restructure the conversation and create curiosity.

[22:22] Nikki speaks about planning and pre-framing so you can have a better response. 

[23:12] Tresa wants to know how Nikki prepares herself for a conversation with a huge potential client.

[23:37] Nikki shares the ritual she does, so she goes into the meeting with the right mindset.

[25:19] Nikki speaks about how important it is that your body language and voice sends the message that you know what you are talking about.

[27:21] Lastly, Tresa says that hearing what people need excites her to solve their problems.

[29:15] Thank you so much for being on the show!

[29:35] What has been one benefit you have received from being a member of the Sales Maven Society?


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