How to Stop Wasting Time Pre-Planning Sales Calls

Sales Maven Podcast-how to stop wasting time pre-planning sales calls

Are you wasting time putting together a proposal before you even have a discovery call?

Listen, as Nikki shares about pre-planning sales calls in a way that will minimize the drain on your time, some resources that can help and some tips to get you out of situations where you are just spinning your wheels, and much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.

Nikki discusses three things that are happening during pre-planning sales calls for potential new business that is draining your time.

Taking a deep dive into research mode and planning a proposal before you have the job is one way. Planning additional business with the client when you haven't yet received the client's business and putting up objections to what you will need to change in your business once you get it. Does this sound like you?

Would you like to hear more episodes on improving your discovery process? Nikki suggests you listen to Episode 5, Episode 19, and the follow-up to episode 19 with Julie Fry sharing the success her business has seen since implementing the changes Nikki recommended on Episode 30.


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In This Episode:

[00:43] Welcome to the show!

[01:36] Nikki shares a Five-star review from Elaine.

[03:30] Nikki speaks about three things that are happening during pre-planning sales calls.

[03:43] People go into deep-dive research mode and plan a proposal.

[05:46] Nikki shares an example of someone she knows that went down the research rabbit hole before she's even had a conversation with the prospective client.

[07:36] If you need help to improve your discovery process, listen to episode 5 or episode 19 and follow up episode 30 with Julie Fry.

[08:55] Another waste of time is planning additional business they can potentially give you before you have the client.

[11:24] Nikki gives an example of a client planning to get additional business from a prospective client before she got the first business.

[12:49] You don't get to skip steps on the selling staircase.

[14:23] The third waste of time is putting up objections to the things they will need to change in their business when they get the deal.

[16:58] Nikki says that having so many members that she will have to upgrade her site again is a great problem to have. Not an objection.

[19:15] Nikki talks about some additional podcasts that can help are Episode 1 and Episode 2.

[19:52] Nikki talks about her free sales training, Authentic Sales Conversations, and how it can support you.

[22:12] Thanks for listening!

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