Tailoring Your Sales Offer To What Your Client Needs Next

Feat. Teresa McCloy, Coach, Speaker, & Enneagram Practitioner

Sales Maven Podcast-How to tailor your offer to what your client needs, Sales offer

Do you know how to pre-frame a call with a client?

Listen, as Nikki and her guest Teresa McCloy have an on-air coaching call about how Teresa can guide clients into the business side of what she does and move them to the next level with a solid sales offer. Teresa is a member of the Sales Maven Society and a coach, speaker, and Enneagram practitioner. She is the creator of the REALIFE Process She partners these tools together to guide clients to a fresh way of intentional living.

Teresa wants Nikki to help her move clients from taking the Enneagram profile to inviting them to the coaching side to teach them to apply it to their daily lives. Listen as Nikki shares some ideas with Teresa on how to pre-frame the conversation and ways to add some questions when discussing the results of their profile to let the client see additional ways you might serve them in your sales offer.

Try to anticipate what your client needs next in your sales offer…

Nikki discusses ways for Teresa to tailor information from calls to the client for offers that will be perfect for them. She shares how to take notes during a call looking for key phrases and how much time they need at the end of the call to make the sales offer. Nikki also speaks about ways to stay in touch with the client, even if they say no to the offer.

Listen as they speak about building credibility and pouring love on the person you are referring the client to and how the call should feel the same no matter which team member is answering it. Teresa also shares the main benefit she gets from the Sales Maven Society group and how much she has learned and continues to learn from Nikki. If you want to know how to take your client to the next level, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

In This Episode:

[01:06] Teresa, welcome to the show!

[01:15] Teresa shares some details about her business.

[01:47] Can you describe the Enneagram for us?

[02:37] Nikki speaks about being a client and going through the Enneagram process.

[03:16] Teresa shares how Nikki can serve her today.

[05:17] Nikki gives Teresa some tips on how to bring up the need for additional work they might need.

[07:30] Leave clients feeling satisfied and let them know that there are other ways to work together. Lay the foundation.

[08:39] Teresa likes pre-framing at the beginning of a call, so they know that at the end of the call, there are other opportunities.

[11:04] Nikki says to drop some questions in while reviewing their profile with the client to see if they see a need to do additional work.

[12:44] That will set you up to share more of what you offer.


[14:30] Nikki speaks about having information tailored to the client by taking notes during the conversation.

[16:27] Should we have a list of key phrasing to look for and then a list of leading questions?

[19:20] Teresa wants to know how much time at the end of the conversation, she needs to leave to offer them more services.

[22:44] What are the next steps if we get off the call, and they decide not to go forward?

[24:31] Teresa shares that once clients go through the Enneagram profile, they then receive newsletters weekly.

[25:18] Nikki discusses putting out special offers that she handpicks people for with a message tailored to them.

[26:55] Are you using a CRM or any business software?

[28:30] Nikki shares ideas for ways of setting tags on clients to know what offers you might want to send them.

[30:23] It is so important to teach your team to establish credibility and paint the person you are recommending in the most favorable light.

[33:20] The call should feel the same no matter which team member is taking the call.

[35:00] As a Sales Maven Society member, what is the most significant benefit you find within the group?

[36:48] Thank you so much for being on the show.

[37:01] Keep sales front of mind, it will help grow your business!


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