How To Use AI In Business While Still Delivering A High Touch Experience For Clients

Mastering Excellence With Danielle LaFleur

AI in Business

Nikki welcomes Danielle LaFleur to the podcast this week.

Danielle is a transformative keynote speaker with 30 years of experience in Marketing, IT, Network Design, and Leadership Training. As the founder of Easy As Pie Design, she excels in strategic planning and AI integration for digital marketing. Danielle holds degrees from the University of Washington and multiple certifications, including Six Sigma and MCSE, and she is also an advocate for continuous improvement and technological innovation. Her talks provide insights and strategies for thriving in the digital and AI-driven business landscape. Today she joins Nikki to discuss how to use AI in business while still delivering a high touch experience for your clients. 

Nikki and Danielle discuss the delicate balance between cutting-edge AI tools, the human touch in business, and AI's impact on customer experiences and productivity. They talk about the nuances of AI evolution, from its current capabilities to the aspirations of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Tune in to learn how to leverage AI in business to streamline processes, enhance customer interactions, and drive innovation, all while preserving authenticity and connection.

Nikki and Danielle explore the concept of “prompt engineering,” where precision in input parameters unlocks AI's full potential, and they also talk about the real-world examples of how AI optimizes tasks, from crafting landing pages to managing client interactions!

With the transformative power of AI in business, listen in to this episode to discover the importance of ensuring personalized connections even with technological advancements. Gain insights into the evolving nature of work in this era of AI in business, where creativity, collaboration, and adaptability remain what's most important!

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In This Episode:

[00:37] – Nikki is interviewing Danielle LaFleur of Easy As Pie Design.

[03:40] – Danielle argues that customer service relies on leveraging tools to prioritize personalized attention, with AI oversight ultimately being essential.

[05:43] – AI evolves from matching human capabilities to surpassing them, ultimately aiming for autonomy.

[07:38] – Nikki reveals that she uses AI in her business to expedite problem-solving and brainstorming during coaching sessions.

[09:12] – Danielle uses AI to enhance client interactions, leveraging insights for tasks such as webpage design.

[12:52] – Danielle argues that prompt engineering in using AI helps ensure quality results.

[14:24] – Danielle adds that prompt engineering is important when it comes to directing AI, similar to onboarding an intern.

[17:00] – Specify ChatGPT's role, client, desired outcomes, context, and criteria, and then prompt for relevant information.

[18:05] – For effective AI guidance, Danielle advocates for defining roles, offering context, setting criteria, giving clear instructions, and including examples.

[21:44] – Integrating AI in business into high-touch interactions depends on business model and personal capacity.

[24:13] – Danielle touches upon how businesses adopt AI-driven customer service for empathetic, efficient assistance.

[27:05] – Nikki argues that, for solopreneurs or small teams, leveraging AI like ChatGPT requires tailored strategies.

[28:09] – Hume, which is powered by AI emotional recognition, transforms customer interactions by offering personalized assistance without direct involvement.

[31:11] – Danielle explains how automatically organizing calls, noting actions, and facilitating quick information retrieval assists with managing projects.

[34:45] – Embracing creativity as your greatest asset empowers innovation and challenges traditional norms.

[37:17] – Danielle encourages listeners to recognize your uniqueness and creativity which will foster self-esteem and shape AI to amplify your skills.

[40:50] – Discovering joy in various aspects of life, from sleeping to witnessing growth in collaborative environments, brings Danielle genuine joy.

[42:20] – Danielle reveals that she loves to travel, which often surprises others with spontaneous day trips across continents.

[43:43] – In executive consulting, Danielle analyzes companies, tailors AI solutions, and empowers businesses of all sizes.

[45:16] – What's the best way to connect with Danielle?

[46:25] – Danielle feels that Nikki's presence in her life is a blessing, transforming her sales process drastically for the better!


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