How To Use Voxer As A Top Tier Add On

An On-Air Coaching Call With Louise Brogan, The Social Bee

Sales Maven Podcast - how to use Voxer as a premium offer for clients with Louise Brogan

Top Tier Add-Ons

Do you know how to use LinkedIn? Are you using it correctly? Today, Nikki's guest is Louise Brogan of The Social Bee from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Louise is a LinkedIn consultant and podcast host of LinkedIn with Louise, and her passion is teaching people how to use LinkedIn for business. Louise is asking for Nikki's support in building her retainer client offer to grow her business in 2021, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven podcast.

Nikki says that a client doesn't know what they don't know, so if you are not offering ongoing sessions above and beyond the VIP package, you could be doing them a disservice. It's important to be there to help them when things come up. Nikki speaks about the different tiers Louise could implement that will encompass everything she is trying to accomplish.

How To Use Voxer As A Top Tier Add-On Continued…

Would you find value in having a LinkedIn expert a click away? One thing that Nikki suggests is adding a Voxer package to Louise's VIP offer. Louise can put whatever parameters she wants and can use discretion on who is allowed the access. She could call this a premium package because there is value in having a LinkedIn expert just a Voxer click away.

Louise says the biggest benefit to her of the Sales Maven Society is Nikki's interaction and the quick responses she gives to the members. Louise also believes she learns as much from other people's questions as she does from her own.

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In This Episode: How To Use Voxer As A Top Tier Add-On

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Louise!

[01:24] Louise shares her background, her business, and what she does.

[03:00] How do you work with people, and what is the benefit of hiring you to help with LinkedIn?

[06:13] Louise speaks about her work training corporate teams in how to use LinkedIn.

[08:01] What is the biggest mistake people are making on LinkedIn today?

[11:33] Louise discusses what she would like Nikki's help with today.

[13:45] Louise speaks about a done-for-you service offer and connecting with the right clients.

[15:02] Nikki believes Louise needs a higher tier package: the VIP day plus some ongoing sessions.

[16:36] Nikki speaks about this approach being easier for clients to digest.

[18:28] Then, Nikki shares some things she has been offering in her VIP packages.

[19:52] Next, Nikki suggests some ways to put parameters around a Voxer package.

[22:42] Nikki shares how she decides who to offer the Voxer access to.

[25:00] Voxer is much more convenient than email.

[25:46] Nikki says that Louise's offers need to be refined.

[27:37] Really recommend what you know the client needs.

[28:08] Louise shares a funny story with Nikki about trusting your gut.

[30:51] Nikki speaks about a prospective client that didn't show up for discovery calls, and when she got on the call with her, she was drinking.

[32:08] As a Sales Maven Society member, what is one benefit you have received?

[34:00] Louise shares a tip for contacting people on LinkedIn.

[34:34] Thank you for being on the show!

[35:10] What have you already tried? It is a question you should ask during your discovery calls.

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