Improving the Discovery Process In Sales

Feat. Maelisa Hall, My Digital Maven

Sales Maven Podcast-improving the discovery process

Do you need help improving the discovery process in sales?

Are the questions you ask during a discovery call getting you what you need? Listen as Nikki coaches her guest, Maelisa Hall, about the questions she should include plus some ideas on how to draw clients to the packages she recommends. Nikki is a sales strategist and coach with over twenty-five years of sales experience, and she is here to offer you tips, techniques, and strategies to help you master the sales conversation.

Dr. Maelisa Hall is a licensed psychologist, nail design enthusiast, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. As the owner of two businesses, My Digital Maven and QA Prep, she empowers other therapists by consulting on SEO and online marketing and providing continuing education courses on clinical documentation. Whether it's websites or paperwork, Maelisa focuses on the “why” behind the usual recommendations and encourages clinicians to think outside the box, while also keeping their ethics intact.

Nikki shares ways Maelisa can promote her higher-end packages while still giving her clients exactly what they need. Listen as they discuss ideas on how to ask more leading questions during the discovery call, laying out the packages in a more thought-provoking way and how to show them why they should go with the one you recommend.

“The sales process isn't about trying to convince someone to do something; it's about giving them the options that will meet their needs.” “Create curiosity when you are talking about your products or services.” These are just a few of the nuggets of genius that Nikki shares with us, but you will have to listen to hear the rest. If you are struggling with what to ask during a discovery call, you can't miss this episode.

In This Episode:

[01:10] Welcome to the show, Maelisa!

[01:23] Maelisa shares about her online business that focuses on teaching therapists SEO techniques for marketing.

[02:59] She discusses the ethics around the way therapists can market their businesses in order to drive sales. 

[04:23] Maelisa has a question about her website for Nikki about her pricing and packages which then leads to Nikki giving her advice on the subject. 

[05:51] Then, Maelisa explains the different packages she offers and the options included in each.

[08:20] Next, Maelisa asks Nikki how she can sell more of the options B package.

[09:51] In the discovery call, are you asking leading questions that are setting them up so that when you lay out the options, it makes sense that they need package B?

[10:06] Nikki gives examples of what she means by leading questions.

[11:42] Nikki suggests that Maelisa might need to look at her discovery questions.

[12:40] Let the prospective client know which package you recommend and let them know why you think it would work best for them.

Discovery Process In Sales Continued…

[15:23] The sales process isn't about trying to convince anybody to do something; it's more about giving them the options that will meet their needs.

[16:08] Do you know how to create curiosity when you are talking about your products or services? In other words, are you intriguing enough to potential customers?

[16:38] Nikki suggests that Maelisa always starts with the bigger option first, working your way down.

[18:56] What do I say if a client asks if they can start with option A but move to option B later?

[20:49] Maelisa believes in asking more about the prospective clients' business, which will allow her to advise them better on which package they need. 

[22:21] Asking the client what they already know about SEO enables you to talk to them about what they need to know. 

[24:07] Maelisa, please let me know how your next discovery call goes.

[24:16] What is one benefit you have received from being a part of the Sales Maven Society.

[25:48] Thank you for being on the show. I appreciate you allowing people to learn from the question you asked.


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