LinkedIn Connections Best Practices For Selling

Sales Maven Podcast - Linkedin Connections best practices for selling

Do you go straight for the hard sell with your LinkedIn connections?

Listen, as Nikki shares some tips on best practices for using LinkedIn, specifically around making LinkedIn connections and selling to people through your messages, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show

“If you really want to have a conversation with somebody in a LinkedIn connection, don't tell them what you hope or want for them.” Nikki breaks down a message she received on LinkedIn and shares how to tweak it to get the attention of the person you are trying to connect with. Nikki believes that sales isn't something you do to someone, it's something you do with someone.

Listen, as Nikki discusses the language she would have suggested to a private client or someone in the Sales Maven Society if they would have asked her before sending a message like this out to their contacts.

Nikki hopes that this will make you take a step back before you hit send. Be sure that the message you are sending out is elevating and lifting people up, make it personal and collaborative, and take the time to make your messages more relevant to the reader.

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In This Episode: LinkedIn Connections Best Practices

[00:44] Welcome to the show!

[01:27] Shout out to a listener in Canada for a five-star review.

[04:05] Nikki discusses how to make sure your messages on LinkedIn are received better.

[05:37] Then, Nikki speaks about testing a message she received in the Sales Maven Society as a learning experience.

[08:37] Next, Nikki reads a message she received that she believes is lazy and condescending.

[10:57] Then, Nikki breaks down the message sentence by sentence.

[12:36] The way to talk with people and build rapport is to ask questions.

[12:48] “Sales isn't something you do to someone; sales is something you do with somebody.”

[13:12] Nikki reads the next section of the message and says, don't tell someone you don't have a plan.

[15:10] This message is a generic message and is known as the shotgun approach.

[17:26] Nikki says there was no question at the end of the message; it was a statement.

[18:18] If you want to build rapport with people, don't make demands, ask questions.

[20:59] Nikki reads how she would have suggested wording for the message if a client had brought this message to her before sending it out.

[23:43] Do you like Nikki's approach better? Which would you use?

[25:37] Nikki has decided that 2021 is going to be the year of the question.

[27:05] The question for today is; is that something you would be open to having a conversation about?

[30:00] Thank you so much for listening to the show!


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